Back 4 Blood is finally out for everyone and you will need to play through the campaign to unlock all of its characters.

Developed by Turtle Rock Studios, the game is clearly inspired by Left 4 Dead but manages to be so much more than just a clone. It comes with a unique card system, fresh species of the undead, and it’s basically a lot of bloody fun with three mates.

It’s starting cleaners are Holly, Mom, Evangelo, and Walker, but getting the others is easy enough.

Back 4 Blood | Campaign Trailer

Back 4 Blood | Campaign Trailer

How to unlock characters in Back 4 Blood

You unlock the remaining characters in Back 4 Blood by completing Act 1 The Devils Return in co-op online campaign.

The campaign is available as solo, but you will want to play co-op first to get the remaining four cleaners. Once you’ve completed the fourth level of Act 1, The Crossing, you will be greeted with a cinematic cut-scene.

This cinematic cut-scene stars the Doc rescuing a wounded man from a horde of Ridden only to then shoot him because he’s infected. There is also cinematics for the other survivors including Karlee rescuing a capped idiot only to then be saved by Jim.

Who are the best cleaners to use?

The best cleaners to use will depend on your playstyle and whether you’re performing solo. However, if you’re in a team with three other mates, it’s crucial that one plays as Doc because of her healing without items perk.

Hoffman is also another useful cleaner as the Ridden he kills have a chance of dropping ammo. While Hoffman is another strong possibility, Mom is another must similar to Doc as she provides an extra life for each member of the team.

While we consider the three above as paramount, the remaining cleaners differ in terms of usefulness. Walker increases each team members health and Karlee increases everyone’s use speed for opening crates and interacting with medical cabinets.

Holly is also useful because of her stamina buff for the whole party.

Back 4 Blood character perks

Below are the perks for every character in Back 4 Blood:


  • Solo
    • Heals low health teammates without items
    • Healing efficiency
  • Team
    • Increased team trauma resistance


  • Solo
    • Precision kills increase damage until hit
    • + ADS Speed
  • Team
    • Increased team damage for enemy weakspots


  • Solo
    • Senses hazards
    • +1 quick inventory
  • Team
    • Increased team use speed for opening crates etc.


  • Solo
    • Chance of spawning ammo per Ridden kill
    • +1 offensive item shot
  • Team
    • Increased team ammo capacity


  • Solo
    • Instant revives for one downed teammate per level
    • +1 support inventory
  • Team
    • +1 team extra life


  • Solo
    • Recover stamina with kills
    • 10% increased damage resistance
  • Team
    • Increased stamina for steam


  • Solo
    • Breaks out of grabs
    • Increased stamina regeneration
  • Team
    • Increased team movement speed


  • Solo
    • Precision kills increase accuracy by 20% for five seconds
    • Damage Increase
  • Team
    • Increased team health

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