Manufacturing and distribution company Augason Farms has temporarily ceased their operations, it has been reported.

Customers took to social media to share the news and some wonder what happened to the company.

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Who are Augason Farms?

Augason Farms is a manufacturer and leading distributor of dried and freeze dried food products in the United States.

On their Facebook page, the company explains that “what makes our products so great is the fact that they are perfect for everyday use or long term storage”.

The distributor offers baking mixes, freeze dried fruits and vegetables, meats, as well as a variety of gluten free items.

Is Augason Farms shutting down?

No, Augason Farms isn’t shutting down. The distributor has stopped orders for 90 days due to supply shortages because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The global health situation has taken toll on yet another company as Augason Farms reported shortages in raw materials and delays in procurement and production.

ReadyWise, the leader in Emergency Food Supplies, has stepped in to help fulfil orders during the temporary crisis.

As per Cision PR Newswire, ReadyWise CEO Morten Steen-Jorgensen said: “We heard the news about Augason Farms, and it just makes me ask, ‘how can you be in the preparedness business if you are not prepared yourself?’ ReadyWise not only keeps our customers prepared, but we are also keenly watching the supply chain and adjusting operations accordingly.

“The ‘New Normal’ leaves no room for those unprepared, and we are going to see many other companies in the preparedness industry facing similar issues as Augason. That is why ReadyWise is the true leader in Emergency Preparedness Food.”

People react to the news

Many customers took to Twitter to share their concerns about the news.

“Augason Farms announced they are stopping all operations for 90 days due to global raw materials shortages,” wrote one user.

“Augason Farms closing for 90 days due to supply change problems is pretty terrifying,” tweeted someone else.

Another one said: “I literally just received 2 months from them last week. Glad I got it in to complete my storable food ration.”

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