The release date and expected start time for the Apex Legends Halloween event 2021 update is almost here and EA has outlined its arena as well as the return of Shadow Royale.

October is always a busy month for gamers as every popular multiplayer title has its own celebration of all things wicked and evil. Blizzard are commencing their celebrations today with Overwatch, so there’s fierce competition for EA and Respawn.

While Overwatch is offering three new skins and the return of Junkestein, Respawn is also releasing a new Revenant outfit as well as bringing back their own fan-favourite LTM.

Apex Legends | Monsters Within Event Trailer

Apex Legends | Monsters Within Event Trailer

What time does the Apex Legends Halloween event 2021 start?

The release date for the Apex Legends Halloween event 2021 is October 12th and the expected start time for the update is 10:00 PT, 13:00 ET, and 18:00 BST.

None of the above hours are official, but it’s when Respawn updates and occasions typically begin. While it will officially begin on October 12th, it will then end on November 2nd.


There is a brand new arena for the Monsters Within celebration named Encore.

Per EA’s website, the map is located on Boreas, the home planet of Seer. It’s also a fighting pit which is open, has strong environmental awareness, and requires good teamwork and strategy to successfully navigate and win.

There is also two high-ground power positions with a VIP lounge on one side and a performance stage on the other. Boreas’ lounge is for direct combat, whereas the performance stage requires heavy support fire from teammates.

Shadow Royale

In addition to the new arena Encore, Respawn are also bringing back the LTM mode Shadow Royale for the Apex Legends Halloween event 2021.

This will take place in the final week of the Monsters Within duration. It will see players participate in a darker version of the game overseen by Revenant.

Killed Legends will respawn in Shadow-form to exact revenge and aid their team to victory, and these Shadow lives will be infinite.

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