Seth Small took one for the team on Saturday night (9th October) and certainly came up big for Texas A&M.

The senior kicker drilled a game-winning 28-yard field goal with two seconds remaining to deliver the Aggies a 41-38 win over Alabama ruining the Crimson Tide’s 100-game streak of wins against unranked opponents.

After the wondrous victory, Seth Small was embraced by his teammates and was then joined on the field by his family and thousands of celebrating fans who were overjoyed with the win.

Who is Seth Small’s wife?

The Texas A&M senior kicker is married to Rachel House Small. She attended Denton High School where she graduated in 2018 and she currently studies at Texas A&M.

Rachel was a former host at Gulf Coast Burger Co. and she is originally from Argyle, Texas where the couple currently lives together. She describes herself on Instagram as a “sinner x saved.” After the game-winning goal, she posted a picture of her embracing her husband captioned “I love you, Seth Small – Always. Dream come true.”

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Seth and Rachel wed earlier this year on 23rd July 2021. In his post-game interview, Small said: “It was probably the third best moment of my life, right after I accepted Jesus into my heart as my true Lord and Savior, and then after getting married to my wife this summer. I’d rank this one three.”

It seemed no one was happier with Seth Small’s impressive goal that saw Alabama’s victory streak be destroyed than his wife and family. Small’s wife was heard shouting: “Come on babe you got it” before she fell to her knees with joy and then jumped over the railing to embrace her husband.

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WATCH: Seth Small’s wife reacts to husband’s winning goal

Watch the emphatic moment Seth Small scores the game-winning goal leaving his wife, family and thousands of Aggies fans elated!

Twitter reacts to game-winning goal reaction

Viewers of the soccer game took to Twitter to share their joy after Texas A&M defeated Alabama with hardly any time to spare and to also react to Seth’s wife and family’s reaction to the game-winning goal.

One user tweeted: “I can’t stop watching the kicker’s family as they get ready to watch Seth Small kick the game-winning field goal to beat Bama. His mom can’t watch, but knows her son nailed it by the crowd’s reaction, wife immediately storms the field. WOW!”

Another user said: “A thousand cameras aimed at the kicker, or the ball, or the goalposts. One brilliant videographer found and captured his family. I think it’s awesome that Seth Small will be able to see how his wife reacted forever.”

While another user summed it up perfectly: “What a moment.”

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