The One Slice Challenge is the newest TikTok trend that has taken the Internet by storm.

The weirdly simple challenge has gone viral but what is this newest TikTok challenge all about? HITC have found all of the details!

The One Slice Challenge is relatively simple but is getting the attention of a bunch of TikTok users. The hashtag #OneSliceChallenge has amassed more than 1.9 billion views on the platform.

What is the One Slice Challenge on TikTok?

The One Slice Challenge is a TikTok trend that challenges users to eat a slice of bread within one minute.

Users have to chew and swallow the entire slice of bread in a minute and if you cannot do so then you fail the challenge.

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Interestingly, many people have actually failed to complete the challenge despite its simplistic nature. Usually, it’s because they have chewed large amounts of bread too quickly and they simply cannot swallow it all. Alongside the fact that bread is usually eaten with something on top of it and with the absence of that, it makes chewing it a lot more difficult.

WATCH: One Slice Challenge on TikTok

Why have TikTokers been throwing cheese at cars?

In a related challenge, also termed the #OneSliceChallenge TikTok users have been throwing a single slice of cheese at strangers cars.

Although it may seem like harmless fun, it has caused extreme annoyance for car owners that have been victims of this because some owners have found that the cheese has melted due to the heat and left a hot mess for the owners to clean up.

Not only that, but cheese can also be corrosive to car paint causing lasting damage. Reports indicate that some TikTokers have even been charged for disorderly conduct for throwing cheese at cars.

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