SF9’s heartthrob Rowoon once shared his dating history with the world and fans dubbed ‘The King’s Affection’ star as the ‘ideal boyfriend.’ If you are curious about what Rowoon talked about his dating life and more, here’s all we know far.

Kim Seok-woo aka Rowoon of K-pop band SF9 has been winning the hearts of K-drama fans since his debut lead project, MBC’s ‘Extraordinary You.’ The K-pop star’s dreamy K-drama roles like Haru in ‘Extraordinary You’ or Chae Hyun-seung in ‘She Would Never Know’ made fans drool over Rowoon becoming the ultimate K-drama boyfriend.

Speaking of him as a boyfriend, Rowoon once shared how he treated his ‘first love.’

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SF9 Rowoon’s dating history revealed

SF9 Rowoon once talked about his ‘first love’ and dating history in a show called ‘Happy Together.’ The ‘Easy Love’ crooner shared a candid pre-debut story when he traveled over 14 kilometers just to deliver tea to his girlfriend.

He explained that his girlfriend was sick and he wanted to send her tea. But as she lived in Bundang while he lived near Samseong Station, he traveled by bus just to deliver her the warm beverage.

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Rowoon ended the story gushing, “Anyone would do that for the person they love.” Watch the episode here.

Fans dub ‘The King’s Affection’ star as the ‘ideal boyfriend’

After getting to know the SF9 star’s dating history, fans took it to Twitter to gush over how Rowoon is the ultimate ‘ideal boyfriend.’

A fan said, “Rowoon would be the most ideal boyfriend ever I’m not even kidding, f*** this life is so unfair!” A second fan chimed in adding, “Rowoon is the most ideal boyfriend ever and he has an ex… You know what they say? “what you don’t know won’t hurt you!”

Rowoon will be next seen starring in Netflix and KBS2’s historical drama ‘The King’s Affection’ with ‘Do you Like Brahms’ star Park Eunbin. The duo’s unique chemistry coupled with a tinge of historical flavor has already fans Rowoon fans looking forward to the new Netflix offering.

Catch SF9 Rowoon and Eun-bin on Netflix on October 11 and 12 at 10.30 ET/ 3: 30 PM BST.

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