The release date and expected start time for the Overwatch Halloween Terror event 2021 is on the cusp and Blizzard has announced some of its skins.

It’s an annual tradition for the game to celebrate all things wicked and spooky before Hallow’s Eve. One of the most exciting aspects about the event is a teased costume clearly inspired by the Stephen King novel and movies, IT.

Fans will be able to unlock a bunch of new Legendary cosmetics, and the good news is that the event will begin tomorrow.

Overwatch Summer Games 2021 – Launch Trailer

Overwatch Summer Games 2021 – Launch Trailer

What time does the Overwatch Halloween 2021 event start?

The release date for the Overwatch Halloween 2021 event is October 12th and its expected start time is 11:00 PT, 14:00 ET, and 19:00 BST.

All of the above hours are not official, but it’s when Blizzard events typically begin. You will be able to enjoy four weeks of spooks and frights, and it will pack plenty of unique rewards for you to unlock.

Overwatch Halloween 2021 skins

Blizzard has teased two skins for the Overwatch Halloween 2021 event so far.

One of them is a cosmetic for Roadhog that makes him look like a clown and it’s clearly inspired by Pennywise from IT. The other skin announced so far is Draugr Reinhardt.

The Draugr Reinhardt cosmetic turns him into an undead Nordic warrior that wouldn’t look out of place in Skyrim. Roadhog Pennywise is the best out of the two, but hopefully even better costumes will be revealed before tomorrow.

When does it end?

The end date for the event is November 2nd.

You will be able to enjoy three weeks of shrills and thrills altogether which has been the norm ever since 2016. We don’t know what all the Epic skins are so far, but you should be able to unlock them via the usual weekly challenges for themed occasions.

Fans will also see the return of the much-beloved Junkenstein’s Revenge from 2020. This is themed weekly missions where you complete challenges while fighting Junkestein and his mindless Zomnic horde.

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