Kim Taehyung’s ‘unpromoted’ Sweet Night has made a new world record on Spotify. The OST of ‘Itaewon Class’ is now the most streamed song of 2020 by a Korean soloist overtaking IU’s ‘Eight’ featuring BTS’ Suga.

BTS V aka Kim Taehyung is deemed as one of the most influential Korean singers of all time who has been on a record-breaking spree with ‘Sweet Night’ since its release in 2020.

The Korean OST is now inching towards becoming the most streamed Korean OST of all time in the music platform.

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Kim Taehyung’s ‘Sweet Night’ is 2020’s most-streamed song by a Korean Soloist

Kim Taehyung’s ‘Sweet Night’ has broken yet another world record. The original Soundtrack which previously made it to headlines after crossing Adele’s most number of #1 in iTunes by charting atop at 118 countries, claimed another crown.

Released in March 2020, ‘Sweet Night’ amassed 166,464,144 streams within October 8, 2021. The second most-streamed song of 2020 belongs to Korean Soloist IU whose ‘Eight’ has received over 165 million streams.

‘Sweet Night’ inching towards becoming the most streamed K-OST of all time

According to the latest fan updates, ‘Sweet Night’ is one million streams short of becoming the most streamed K-OST on Spotify.

While talking about ‘Sweet Night,’ fans have also mentioned how ‘Sweet Night’ has snagged the titles without getting any formal promotions. The fans have indicated that Kim Taehyung’s global popularity alone made ‘Sweet Night’ achieve one after another impossible feat.

A fan wrote, “let’s talk about how sweet night – unpromoted song – going to become the most-streamed ost ever! Taehyung has never mentioned it, the company has never acknowledged it, but still it’s the song with the most #1s, the most-streamed k-solo song 2020, and first ost to debut #1 melon!”

A second Kim Taehyung fan further added, “Taehyung is not only handsome but he has that unique personality, charm, talent, voice, everything you’ll never find in any other human…Sweet Night, (unpromoted) broke records Blue and grey only B-side in BE to have the most streams….and many more!”

Grammy Winner Kurt Elling wants to ‘collab’ with Kim Taehyung

Fans of Kim Taehyung often appreciate the singer’s love for Jazz and his unique taste in musicians. BTS V in a Variety Interview once talked about his love for Kurt Elling, the Grammy-winning Jazz artist, and how much he would love to collaborate with him one day.

And now, the 53-year-old ‘Dedicated To You’ crooner has expressed his interest in working with Kim Taehyung as well. A BTS V fan wished to see the duo working together someday, to which Kurt Elling replied, ‘I hope the same.’

While fans wait for more historical collabs like Kurt Elling x Kim Taehyung to take place, here’s a Sweet Night-based BTS V playlist to make the song get the throne of most Streamed K-OST of all time.

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