October 11th marks Columbus Day 2021, an annual holiday that commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas.

As a federal holiday, federal government offices are often closed, along with businesses and libraries. But, what does Columbus Day mean for schools? Read on to find out more.

Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Is there school on Columbus Day?

In short, schools are usually open on Columbus Day – but it depends on where you live.

Some public schools in New York City and Washington D.C. are closed for the annual holiday, whereas most public schools in other states stay open.

Reach out to your local school to find out more information surrounding opening hours.

Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

What is shut on Columbus Day?

Again, different areas experience different closures on Columbus Day – so be sure to check. Here are some general businesses and organisations that might be closed today:

Banks: Most banks in your area will likely be closed, with the exception of TD Bank.

US Postal Services: According to CNN, USPS will not be delivering mail and post offices will be closed. Services like FedEx, however, will remain on schedule.

Public Transport: Public transport is still running in most areas, but watch out for delays or changes to timetables due to the holiday.

Libraries: Some libraries may be closed – check the opening hours of your local one to be sure.

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