Sometimes it’s hard to remember what you watched last week, let alone years ago.

There has arguably never been a better time to be a TV fan, whether you’re into fantasy, comedy, or indeed, everything in between.

If you’re in the mood for something casual there are a wealth of options while there is certainly no shortage of prestige productions either. As we say, every genre under the sun is somewhat thriving right now, and police dramas are definitely no exception.

The likes of Line of Duty and beyond have left audiences utterly gripped and eager to seek out more titles that chronicle the strenuous efforts of officers striving to uphold the law.

So, it’s no surprise that viewers have been excited upon seeing a similarly enticing title listed on their TV guide. But, there are some wondering if they’re experiencing a powerful instance of déjà vu upon reading into it.

So, it’s worth asking: Is Code of a Killer a repeat?

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Is Code of a Killer a repeat? Has it been on ITV before?

Yes, Code of a Killer is a repeat and originally premiered on ITV back in April 2015.

Of course, many audiences may have missed out on it back then and ITV is simply offering viewers the opportunity to finally check it out. Again, it was an acclaimed piece of work and arguably warrants a second viewing too, for those who watched it when it initially debuted.

Created by Michael Crompton, the show serves as a treatment of a true story. We’re invited to explore a dramatised account of Alec Jeffreys’ discovery of DNA fingerprinting which was followed by its use by Detective David Baker, who utilised the advancement in capturing notorious killer Colin Pitchfork.

Plunged into this extraordinary tale, part 1 whisks audiences back to the year 1984 with cast members such as David Threlfall, John Simm, and Anna Madeley showcasing their exceptional talents.

How many episodes are there?

There are two episodes of the drama in total.

Episode 1 airs on ITV at 9 pm on Monday, October 11th 2021 and the second and final episode is scheduled for Monday, October 18th at the very same time.

Both episodes conclude at 10.20 pm.

“I would always look forward to seeing David”

English actor David Threlfall shines in a central role, portraying DCS David Baker who led the investigation.

While chatting with ITV, he opened up about how beneficial and rewarding it was to meet with the man himself:

“I met David Baker, he was very, very straightforward and honest and you could tell he was a man who just got to work and did his job… and that was his approach. I would always look forward to seeing David because he’s such a nice, decent bloke.”

He added: “Having the real thing there is a great guide to helping you with a choice. If you didn’t have the person you’d be imagining ‘would they say that? Would they do that?’ I’d always go with the real thing.”

Code of a Killer part 2 airs on ITV at 9 pm on Monday, October 18th.

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