For something evil, it’s pretty damn good…

Jokes aside, there has been a wealth of supernatural series to emerge out of the 2010s and there has arguably been a fair share of duds.

However, including Robert and Michelle King’s spooky American drama in that list would be a mistake.

Premiering back in 2019, the series introduced audiences into the lives of a forensic psychologist, a Catholic seminarian and a technology contractor, uniting but conflicted in their beliefs as they begin to investigate suspected supernatural occurrences.

With talents aboard that include Katja Herbers, Mike Colter, Michael Emerson, Aasif Mandvi, Kurt Fuller, Marti Matulis, and more, it’s no surprise that viewers have cherished the show ever since.

Thoughts have recently and swiftly turned to another crop of episodes, so let’s consider what we know about Evil season 3 so far.

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Evil season 3 release date confirmed?

A release date for Evil season 3 is yet to be confirmed, although it’s likely to begin premiering around October 2022.

Season 1 concluded in January 2020 and the second didn’t arrive on screens until June 2021. However, the long wait was influenced by delays in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s highly unlikely that fans will have to wait that long again.

Season 3 renewal was confirmed in July 2021 but ahead of that, it was acknowledged that the show would be moving from CBS to Paramount+.

Back in July, the series’ official Twitter tweeted: “We are not done confronting Evil.” Although it’s early days, we’ve already been given an inkling of what to expect once Evil returns…


“It can’t be good”

While in conversation with TVLine, the showrunners were asked how the season 2 finale will affect the battle between good and evil as it continues.

Michelle began to answer the question first, explaining: “That’s something we want to explore in Season 3, very much. If a priest who possibly has sinned, how does that impact his ability to do his work?”

Robert also took the time to weigh in, delving into the episode we departed on:

“I mean, the whole episode is about these temptations and these images [David] can’t get out of his head, and then, he kind of gives in to it, maybe because of love. There probably is true love there but still, they are seen as temptations that needed to be resisted.”

Importantly, he added: “So, it can’t be good.”

Although it hasn’t been officially addressed, we should expect Robert and Michelle to reprise their duties as showrunners, as they signed a five-year deal with CBS Studios, who produce Evil.

Filming is yet to begin, although it’s likely to commence by the end of 2021 in hopes for a 2022 season 3 premiere over on Paramount+.

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Looking ahead with Michael Emerson

Chatting with Inverse, Leland actor Michael Emerson was asked what his character’s ultimately working towards. He was happy to shed some light:

“He seems to have a boundless ambition, and it seems to be mainly focused on the Catholic Church. It would be satisfying to him to get inside the church and begin to corrupt it from the inside, begin to destroy it or shake its foundations to ruin faith.”

As you’ll know, he’s now in the team and Inverse’s interviewer was eager to learn how this may alter the dynamic in season 3, as we all are: “It just means he’s going to have more disguises. He’s going to have to pretend and have more layers with more people. But he seems to delight in that in a way. He’s an actor. He pretends a lot. And he means to provoke people at every level.”

He added: “The higher he climbs the hierarchy, the more dangerous and thrilling his work becomes.”

Evil is now streaming on Paramount+.

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