The release date and time for Back 4 Blood on Xbox Game Pass is almost here and you can still bag the pre-order bonuses for the Standard edition.

Lots of people have been able to enjoy the game since October 8th by paying a pretty penny. Although there has been complaints about its lack of progression in solo mode, most zombie slayers seem to agree that the game is very fun and much more than just a Left 4 Dead clone.

If you haven’t joined the cleaners yet but can’t wait to start sweeping up the undead, the good news is that it comes out for free tomorrow if you’re on Xbox and PC.

Back 4 Blood – PC Trailer

Back 4 Blood – PC Trailer

What time does Back 4 Blood come out?

The release date and time for when Back 4 Blood will come out is 08:00 PT, 11:00 ET, and 16:00 BST on October 12th for PC on Steam and the Epic Games store.

However, for PlayStation and Xbox, the game will launch at 00:00 local time in your region on October 12th. This is also the time when it should become available on Xbox Game Pass.

Is Back 4 Blood on Game Pass?

Back 4 Blood will be on Xbox Game Pass starting from October 12th.

This was confirmed awhile back by WB Games Support’s FAQ. If you own a Microsoft console or you play on PC, this is your best way to experience the co-op shooter as it will be available at no added cost.

You can join the Microsoft subscription service for just £7.99 per month on either console or computer. There is also a £10.99 per month Ultimate membership if you so wish.

Standard edition pre-order bonuses

If you play on PS4 or PS5, or have simply decided to buy the Standard edition, the pre-order bonus you will receive is the Fort Hope Elite Weapon Skin pack.

You can still buy the Deluxe or Ultimate edition if you wish, but you will no longer get the 4 days early access. Both of the more expensive packages come with the Annual Pass.

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