A heartbreaking report from the Chicago Sun Times has detailed the devastating autopsy results of Illinois grad student, Jelani Day.

‘Justice for Jelani Day’ has since trended on social media, here’s why…

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Jelani Day’s autopsy explained

Chicago Sun Times reported that the Illinois man’s corpse was found in a horrifying state, according to the autopsy.

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Jelani Day was said to be found with no eyeballs, only sockets, and, as per Days’ family and their attorney, the body had no organs. According to a pathology report, the organs were ‘completely liquefied’, pushing Attorney Hallie M Bezner to search for an explanation.

An autopsy performed by a private forensic pathologist also revealed that Jelani’s jaw had likely been ‘sawed out’.

What happened leading up to the autopsy?

Illinois grad student and aspiring doctor, 25-year-old Jelani Day was reported missing by his mother on August 25th 2021.

Day’s body was discovered in September and released 23 days after it was pulled from a river.

At the time of publishing, it is still unknown what happened to Jelani Day.

Hallie M Bezner shared: “I’m really trying to ask questions and not go down the path of a lot of conspiracy because I think it’s easy to go that way.”

As per Chicago Sun Times, only Jelani’s grandmother and one of his brothers viewed his remains. Benzer advised Day’s mother against seeing the corpse, stating: “He was in such bad shape.”

‘Justice for Jelani Day’ trends on social media

Following the details of Jelani Day’s autopsy report, ‘Justice for Jelani Day’ has trended on social media as users pay respect to the late grad student.

One user tweeted: “There needs to be a PROPER investigation carried out in regard to what exactly happened to Jelani Day. How is a man found without his eyes and mostly importantly without his organs? This is horrifying to say the least, I pray his family obtains justice for him.”

Another wrote: “I am hurting for Jelani Day’s family. The world is so cruel and sick, I really hope they get the justice they deserve.”

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