TV isn’t just about entertainment.

Many of the best shows that arrive each year focus their lens on important topics, dealing with imperative themes from abuse to addiction.

Shows can place a mirror up to our own society, pulling back the veil to explore issues and wounds that plague real people. Of course, it always helps when these titles are entertaining too, whether the topics discussed make us uncomfortable or not.

The latest series to blend entertainment with weight is Angela Black, with Joanna Froggatt portraying the titular wife who is grappling with being married to an abusive husband, Olivier (Michiel Huisman).

Things take a turn when a private investigator named Ed comes to her and shines a light on Olivier’s sinister secrets.

The first episode premiered on Sunday, October 10th 2021, and made for riveting viewing, compelling audiences to seek out the second installment immediately. So, when is the Angela Black episode 2 air date?

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Angela Black episode 2 air date

The second episode of Angela Black airs on ITV on Sunday, October 17th 2021 at 9 pm.

Subsequent episodes are set to debut on ITV weekly at the same time. Considering audiences have to wait a week to continue the journey with Angela, hopes have turned to ITV Hub.

However, episodes are only added to the platform once they air, so unfortunately you can’t head over there to binge the entire season.

Tuning in weekly is the only option, so it’s worth asking how many episodes are on the horizon…

How many episodes?

Angela Black is made up of six episodes in total.

All installments will air weekly without hiatus so the finale is set to reach fans on Sunday, November 14th 2021 at 9 pm.

Joanne addressed this while chatting with Heart and others while also praising the writers’ imagination:

“This is a one and only six-part series. It’s such a twisty-turny thriller and it goes to places – I mean, I don’t know where [creators] Jack and Harry [Williams] get these ideas.”

She added: “It’s incredible to me how they come up with the concepts for their shows and Angela Black especially is just, it’s a really intense psychological thriller and I think by the time we go through those six episodes and we get our very satisfying conclusion, I think you don’t need to revisit it.”

So, expect a concrete conclusion once the finale rolls around.

Our Planet Now | Trailer | BBC Trailers

Our Planet Now | Trailer | BBC Trailers

“She goes through a lot!”

Audiences are already impatient to learn what happens to Olivier and how Angela will overcome the obstacles in her life.

However, Joanne is hanging on to all of the secrets:

“She goes through a lot! Obviously I can’t give any spoilers away, but yes she really does go on a huge journey. A journey that sort of breaks her world apart and breaks her sense of self apart.”

Diving into Angela’s path more specifically, the actress adds: “Everything she believes she is, changes. Everything that she believes her life to be changes. She almost has to fall apart to rebuild herself back to where she’s supposed to be.”

As we expected, “…it’s quite the journey she goes on.” Luckily for us, we’re invited to chronicle it with her weekly. Roll on Sunday!

Angela Black airs on Sundays at 9 pm on ITV.

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