If you’re stuck for a Halloween costume this year, why not take some pointers from the internet?

We’ve compiled 6 hilarious meme-inspired Halloween costumes that Gen-Z and Millennial’s alike will understand.

Get ready to add these costume ideas to your basket.

Glitter Vine Girl

This one is ridiculously simple – it just involves raiding your makeup drawer.

Take your finger and coat your eyelids in glittery purple eyeshadow – honestly, the messier, the better.

Next, take a bubblegum lipstick or lipgloss and smear across your lips.

Makeup tutorial done. Easiest Halloween costume yet.

Salt Bae

Turkish chef ‘Salt Bae’ became an internet sensation back in 2017 and he’s just opened a new restaurant in London! Who better to dress as this Halloween?

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Luckily, Salt Bae’s look is super easy to achieve. If you’re taking inspo from the 2017 meme, all you need is a plain white t-shirt, black trousers, rounded sunglasses and, well, salt!

Bernie Sanders meme

Perhaps the most wholesome meme of all: That Bernie Sanders pic. It’s COVID appropriate too.

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Here’s how to steal Sanders’ look. You’ll need a large jacket, patterned mitten gloves, black trousers and, in true 2021 fashion, a disposable blue COVID mask.

For bonus points, take a collapsable chair with you to the costume party and imitate Bernie’s pose.

Arthur meme

Remember the Arthur meme from a few years ago? Yeah, we’re bringing it back.

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If you need a last-minute costume, Arthur is the way forward.

Pair denim jeans with a yellow sweater and add animal ears like these ones.

Walk around with your fist in a ball all night and, voila, an instantly hilarious costume.

Spider-man pointing meme

If you’re going to a costume party with your friend or in a couple, this meme-inspired costume is the one for you.

Have two (or more) people put on a Spider-man costume and every time that you see each other at the party, point at one another.

Pepe the frog

Aaaand finally, we’re going old school. If you’re somewhat of a social media veteran, you’ll remember Pepe.

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Simply dress head to toe in green and purchase a Pepe eye mask like this one.

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