Lana Rose is everyone’s favourite YouTuber but seen as she’s not uploaded a video in 4 months fans want to see her latest Instagram content.

if you’ve been loving her music and can’t stop bumpin’ Feel, On My Own and XOX, then you’re bound to want an update on your favourite artist.

Let’s meet Lana Rose on Instagram and discover more about the famous influencer.

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Who is Lana Rose?

Lana Rose is a famous YouTuber and music artist, she has now become a popular social media influencer.

Lana Rose was born on September 21, 1989, meaning she is 32 years old, although many people mistake her for being much younger. Lana’s real name is Parisa Beiraghdary but most people refer to her as Lana now. 

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She was born in Dubai but often spends a lot of time in London as this is where she completed her studies. She is the daughter of Nadereh Samimi and Esmail Beiraghdary. Lana also has a sibling, a brother called Mohamed Beiraghdary who you may know as MO Vlogs.

Lana is very popular on social media she has over 2.42M subscribers on YouTube and 3.5 million followers on Instagram. With so many fans Lana shares inside details of her life such as room tours, shopping hauls and even her morning routine. One of Lana’s biggest hobbies is oil painting and she is a brilliant artist who often sells her work.

Lana also has an outstanding car collection, owning a Lamborghini Huracan which costs more than $250,000. Tune into her YouTube to see behind the scenes of this big purchase.

Meet famous YouTuber on Instagram

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