Squid Game seems to have taken over the world, but it has also been at the expense of one social media user who has lost access to her Instagram account.

Her social media handles are under the names SquidGame or SquidGaming. Fans want to know why the official account of the Netflix series doesn’t have those usernames.

Let’s discover who the person is behind the Squid Game Instagram account that has been banned.

Who is behind the banned ‘Squid Game’ account?

Lydia Ellery is the person behind the Instagram account that has been banned for having the username ‘SquidGame.’

Lydia has had this username for years, but as soon as the Korean Netflix series premiered she ran into a problem.

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As the show blew up Lydia started to receive messages from fans asking why she had the official Squid Game Instagram account.

With people trying to log in to her account and after mass reportings, she had been blocked out of her account.

Thankfully, Instagram has been the only social media platform to ban Lydia because of her username. This means that she still has control of her ‘SquidGame’ account on Twitch.

Lydia responds to Instagram ban on Twitter

Her complaint of the ban even hit number one on Reddit, as the ordeal grew larger.

She also applied for the Instagram ban to be reviewed, although it can take up to 24 hours for the review to take place. So it was a long wait without a scroll through her Instagram feed.

Thankfully, the pressure from internet users has expanded and Instagram has seemingly taken notice.

“Thank you so much for all the retweets, Reddit comments and for tagging Instagram – my Instagram account has just been unbanned,” Lydia tweeted.

She continued: “Not sure what to do about my SquidGame name and it being reported/inundated with messages, but hopefully this won’t happen again!”

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