Hangul or Hangeul day 2021 is here and fans worldwide are celebrating the special day with a bunch of activities involving the Korean language and culture. If you are wondering what Hangul day is or what the meaning of Hangeul day is, we have got you all covered. Take a look at how the global K-pop fans are coming together to celebrate Hanguel day 2021.

South Korea celebrates the Korean Alphabet day or Hangeul Day on October 9th which is a National Holiday. The celebration of Hangeul day usually starts with citizens hoisting the Korean national flag to honor the day.

What is Hangul Day, meaning of Hangeul day explored

Hangul day or Hangeul day is the Korean Alphabets day, a national Korean commemorative day signifying the invention and the proclamation of Hangul (한글; 조선글), the alphabet of the Korean language.

The Korean Alphabet was invented by the 15th-century Korean monarch Sejong the Great on October 9, 1446.

How Kpop fans are celebrating Hangul Day

Kpop fans worldwide share Hangul Day together with Korean supporters as an admiration towards their language.

From putting up banners of foreign idols who have found a permanent place in K-pop fans’ hearts to making compilation videos of the Korean-speaking people across the globe, Hangul Day 2021 celebrations have started early.

HYBE, home of Grammy-nominated music group BTS, released a compilation clip of fans across borders who are seen singing in Korean among other things.

BTS has also been credited as one of the major contributors in extending the reach of Korea. One of HYBE’s international projects, called HYBE Education, shared a feature that says, “Hangeul holds the ARMY world together The power of language lies in its ability to teach us how to love.”

The feature talks about the importance of ARMY translators and how they explain the details of BTS’ interactions in Korean, the little footnotes which indicate the richness and uniqueness of the language.

It further says it is natural for BTS to incorporate Korean culture into their content, be it addressing societal issues, using traditional Korean instruments in their music or having lively, passionate discussions about food and slang.”

Global fans wish ‘Happy Hangul Day’

Fans from around the world are wishing each other ‘Happy Hangul Day’, celebrating the start of the Korean Alphabet.

A fan shared a clip of Kenyan BTS ARMY and informed, “Kenyan BTS Armys singing “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, our beloved Jungkook, happy birthday to you” – KBS Hangul Day Special Documentary”

Another fan said, “Happy Hangul Day to all the k armys and everyone!”

A third fan wrote, “Happy Hangul Day to you all. I’m not a Korean, but I really love this language soooo much. All though I’m a BTS Army, but for Hangul, I really fell in love with South Korea.”

Ateez wrote handwritten letters to Atinys in Korean and fans wished the emerging K-pop group a happy Hangeul Day. Check out more reactions below.

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