Disney + has released a special Halloween film with all of your favorite characters from The Muppets franchise, just in time for the witching hour.

After watching the feature, fans of the puppets have begun to question what kind of animal Gonzo is, and we’re here to explore his species.

Disney Magical World 2 | Enchanted Edition Trailer

Disney Magical World 2 | Enchanted Edition Trailer

Who is Gonzo?

Gonzo, also known as “The Great Gonzo” or “Gonzo the Great,” is a daredevil performer on The Muppets and continues to demonstrate bizarre acts to the audience in front of his puppet peers.

Gonzo became the artist that he is because of Jack Burns’ – The Muppets head writer – notion to get Gonzo to perform crazy acts.

Since the 1992 film, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Gonzo has been paired with Rizzo the Rat, who has become his best friend.

Gonzo has also had a number of romances with Miss Piggy, a brief interest in a live cow, and his regular chicken girlfriend, Camilla.

What animal is Gonzo?

Throughout his career, Gonzo has been called many names, including Gonzo the Whatever, Gonzo the Weirdo, and Gonzo the Thing.

It wasn’t until the 1999 film, Muppets from Space, when Gonzo’s species seemed to be correctly identified as simply: an alien.

Even after the film’s release, various bouts of merchandise began referring to Gonzo as an alien.

However, his puppeteer, Dave Goelz, has encouraged fans to treat him ambiguously as a weirdo, thing, and more importantly, an artist.

What is Muppets Haunted Mansion about?

Muppets Haunted Mansion is a 50-minute Halloween special released on October 8, 2021, on Disney+.

The special takes place on Halloween night and sees Gonzo spending the evening in a haunted mansion.

The film features a host of characters, including Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and more, with celebrity guests too.

Muppets Haunted Mansion also offers three, brand-new original songs as well as a cover of ‘Dancing in the Moonlight.’