Rumors suggesting Nikita Dragun is dead went viral following a YouTube video titled ‘RIP Nikita Dragun’ which was shared on the influencer’s official channel. 

Several fans came to believe that Nikita had passed away, only to realize that it was a sponsored video with a rather misleading caption. Many have slammed her for her latest video as it resulted in death rumors that left several worried. 

RIP Nikita Dragun video leads to death rumors

‘RIP Nikita Dragun’ is a 33-minute video that was uploaded on Nikita’s official YouTube channel on October 8. 

The description for the same reads, “Dearly, beloved we are gathered here today to lay to rest a woman with my names. Transsexual. Pop Star. CEO. Bad B. but to most known as simply Nikita Dragun. “

However, the video simply shows her journey to fame over the years and all the obstacles she has had to overcome as opposed to what is suggested in the video’s description. 

Several fans, who were at first convinced that something had happened to the YouTuber, have now slammed her for joking about her death just to get more clicks on her video. 

What has infuriated the fans furthermore is that she has left a link to a shopping site of the brand that sponsored the ‘RIP Nikita Dragun’ video. 

South of Heaven | Official Trailer

South of Heaven | Official Trailer

Fans slam YouTuber’s video as clickbait 

The video hasn’t sat well with Nikita’s fans for obvious reasons. She is being criticised by many for sharing misleading content and talking casually about death. 

One tweeted, “Honestly this was CLICK BAIT !!! Wow”

Another added, “And this is why I don’t click on her videos. She is the queen of clickbait and it got old”

One furious fan tweeted, “#nikitadragun has the nerve to use Death as clickbait….no more words”

“Nikita Dragun putting up an RIP post FOR HERSELF as clickbait for her latest YouTube video…. I cannot with her,” wrote another.

Latest Twitter suspension explored

While Nikita has earned the wrath of fans for her latest video, a few weeks ago, she was suspended on Twitter for using a certain profile picture.

A ban was imposed on her account for violating the platform’s rules against graphic violence or adult content in profile pictures. 

The YouTuber’s account was locked after she changed her profile picture into an image of a hermaphrodite, which appeared to be from an ancient painting. 

The ban was lifted after she changed her display picture to a cropped image, displaying only the upper part of the body.

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