Archer season 12 received its finale during Wednesday’s episode on FXX, as the show said goodbye to its beloved character and actor.

Now that the season has concluded, fans are looking ahead to the possibility of more and we cover whether Archer will return for season 13 or if the FXX show has come to an end.

Reservation Dogs | Trailer | FX on Hulu

Reservation Dogs | Trailer | FX on Hulu

Will Archer return for season 13?

Yes, Archer will be returning for season 13 on FXX.

Back in September of this year, FXX renewed the series for a thirteenth season, proving that the long-running show is still in top form after its network move.

President of FX Original Programming, Nick Grad, confirmed that season 13 would have eight episodes and stated that most of the show’s staff, including creator Adam Reed, would be returning.

Production of season 13 is still to begin, however, we can expect its premiere to arrive around or after April 2022.

Season 13 plot

Season 12 of Archer saw the titular spy handle his growing spy business and ISIS had trouble orchestrating its usual business.

The season finale saw Archer become trapped in the IIA headquarters, while learning some secrets about the opposing agency.

Season 13 will likely explore a new bout of missions for Archer, and the show will also be handling the future of Malory, in the wake of Jessica Walter’s death.

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Archer says goodbye to Jessica Walter

During the season 12 finale, Walter’s character, Malory, showed up to beat up some goons, quipping “Guess the old gal’s still got it.”

In one of the closing shots, we see Malory sitting with her husband, Ron Cadillac, on a beach sipping cocktails and holding hands. Cadillac was voiced by Walter’s real-life husband, Ron Leibman, who passed away in 2019.

Malory promises: “Wherever I am, I’ll be watching you,” and the episode ended with the title card “In Loving Memory of Jessica Walter.”

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