British broadcaster Sky has just launched an exciting new TV innovation, Sky Glass.

Forget external boxes and satellite dishes, Sky Glass is an all-in-one TV that integrates all hardware and software into one single device, powered by Wi-Fi.

The TV just has one single lead and plug and houses Sky Q, inbuilt speakers and sound bar and all your favourite streaming services.

With 4k UltraHD, the smart TV certainly sounds great, but who actually manufactures it? Let’s find out.

Sky Glass

Who makes Sky Glass?

On Twitter, Sky revealed that Sky Glass is manufactured by TP Vision.

“We partnered with award-winning screen manufacturer TP Vision to create the panel. The hardware design and architecture were created by Sky, alongside TP Vision’s expertise before shipping Sky Glass to our customers in the UK,” Sky said.

The panel is created by TP Vision, whilst the design and architecture were created by British broadcaster Sky.

What is TP Vision?

TP Vision is an electronic manufacturing company that makes Philips TV sets.

It is a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest electronic manufacturers, TPV Technology, which is based in China. However, TP Vision is based in Amsterdam.

In 2011, Philips sold 70% of the company to TP Vision, and Philips’ 3300 TV division employees transferred to TP Vision.

Then, in 2014, Phillips transferred the remaining 30% equity interest, meaning Philips is now wholly owned by TP Vision.

Sky Glass is a Philips TV

So, what this means is that Sky Glass is technically a Philips TV.

For years, Philips has been one of the most popular TV brands in the UK, and with Sky Glass, it’s set to become even more profitable.

Sky Glass has a lot of competition though, especially from Samsung who has already created its own range of smart TV’s.

If you want to get your hands on it, Sky Glass comes in five different colours and three different sizes, starting from £649.

Sky Glass will be available to buy from October 18th.

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