The memorable British show, Brassic, has returned for series three on Sky and its bold comeback has newer fans of the show curious about where the show is filmed.

Series 3 will return regulars, Michelle Keegan and Joe Gilgun, to the narrative, and below we’ve highlighted a variety of locations used to double specific locations in the show.

Brassic 3 | First Look Trailer | Sky One

Brassic 3 | First Look Trailer | Sky One

Brassic 3 filming locations

Brassic is primarily shot in and around Manchester, England, and stars, Gilgun and Keegan, reportedly filmed during the relentless lockdowns due to the pandemic.

Location manager, Danny Newton, stated that the northern city continues to be the backdrop for Brassic into series 3.

Newton also confirmed that filming is based in Manchester City, however, filming has branched out to Lancashire, Cheshire, West Yorkshire, and even Wales before.

The location manager also confirmed that series 4 of Brassic had begun filming.

Star and Garter

One of the main locations in Brassic is the iconic pub, and Manchester’s pub, Star and Garter, is used to double The Crows Nest.

The famous Manchester bar is located opposite Manchester Piccadilly train station, and Newton confirmed that all of the interior shots are filmed within the pub.

The exterior shots, however, are filmed at an accountant’s chamber in Bacup.


The fictional town of Hawley is recreated within the Lancashire town of Bacup, where the main street in the town, Union Street, is frequently used for filming.

The narrative of Brassic is based on Gilgun’s own experiences growing up in Chorely, and Newton has also said that the town of Bacup is virtually the “face of Brassic.”

Shrewsbury Prison

Gilgun’s character, Vinnie, kicks off series 3 still behind bars and the fictional prison in the show, Blademoor Prison, is actually Shrewsbury Prison.

Shrewsbury Prison is not in use anymore and instead serves as a museum and visitor center in Shropshire.

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