After being cancelled in 2020, Shane Dawson has officially made his return to YouTube.

The 33-year-old posted a brand new video on Thursday (October 7th), the first video he’s posted to his channel in over a year.

In the video, titled “The Haunting of Shane Dawson”, he addressed old drama and gave fans an update about his life.

A few things are different in his life, including his move from LA to Colorado, his attitude towards YouTube and most obvious of all, his cameraman.

Behind the camera was a brand new videographer which caught the attention of fans.

So, who he is? And what happened to Andrew Siwicki?

Shane Dawson, YouTube

Shane Dawson’s new cameraman is Chris Station

Behind the camera of Shane Dawson’s most recent video was a man called Chris Station.

Chris is a videographer and actor from Los Angeles who has been friends with Shane for years.

On Instagram, he goes by the name @ChrisBStation and recently shared a throwback picture of himself with Shane from many years ago.

He also has his own YouTube channel Chris B Station, but he hasn’t posted on there for over a year.

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What happened to Andrew Siwicki?

Before his YouTube hiatus, Shane’s regular cameraman was video creator Andrew Siwicki.

The 29-year-old from Chicago is a cinematographer, producer, YouTuber, and actor who is pretty famous in the internet world.

He has a huge 1.4 million followers on his Instagram @andrewsiwicki and 511,000 subscribers on his YouTube podcast Sweet Boys: Garrett and Andrew.

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Whilst they have never publicly addressed a fallout, it appears as though Shane and Andrew have drifted apart and no longer work together.

However, they do still follow each other on Instagram so are obviously amicable.

When the drama erupted and Shane Dawson was cancelled, there were rumours that Andrew had quit being his cameraman as he removed Shane’s name from his Instagram and Twitter bio in 2020.

His bio used to read “Usually Brewing tea with @ Shane Dawson” but it now reads: “Creating the content / drinking the coffee / eating the sushi.”

It appears as though Andrew has parted ways with Shane and moved on to other things, but there’s no obvious drama between them.

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Andrew isn’t active on social media anymore

Andrew clearly isn’t Shane’s cameraman anymore, but what is he doing now? Well, we don’t actually know.

He isn’t active on social media anymore and hasn’t posted on Instagram for 46 weeks.

Over the past year, he has been recording his podcast Sweet Boys with Garrett Watts, but the last episode was posted over four months ago.

He hasn’t posted on Twitter since July either, so his life remains a mystery.

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