A married woman has accused DaBaby of indirectly making advances at her despite knowing her husband. Briana Hampton, who refers to herself as mrslatruth on Instagram, has called out the rapper for allegedly hitting on her during a conversation with another woman. 

No sooner, DaBaby also took to Instagram to respond to mrs latruth’s claims, saying it was all made up. But, it didn’t end with that, as Briana had more to say on hearing the rapper’s response. 

Let us explain the drama involving DaBaby and the married woman. 

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Who is mrslatruth?

Briana Hampton. aka mrslatruth, is the wife of American rapper Latruth, whose real name is Robert Hampton. 

She identifies herself as an entrepreneur and author. She is the owner of Mrslatruth Boutique. Briana also recently launched her book called Self Love is the Best Love

mrslatruth is quite the social media star with an impressive fan following on different platforms. While she has over 530,000 followers on Instagram, she boasts around 630,000 on TikTok. 

We won’t be surprised to know that the latest drama with DaBaby would have drawn more attention towards her as people can’t stop talking about it. 

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What did Briana Hampton say about DaBaby?

Briana, aka mrslatruth, shared three screenshots on her Instagram account consisting of an alleged conversation between DaBaby and another woman. 

The long caption begins with her writing “DONT PLAY ABOUT MY MARRIAGE)!! The ultimate disrespect for me is to have someone who steps in your dm who 1) Not only knows your married , 2) was in the midst of doing business with my husband, 3) I ain’t nobody’s BIHHH and 4) disrespect my husband and my marriage !!!”

In the rest of the caption, she has claimed that the rapper was being “disrespectful” towards her as her husband, Latruth, has allegedly spoken to DaBaby’s team several times regarding work. 

“I’m SOLID and can’t be impressed by any man but my husband. Nah he ain’t the first and I’m sure he ain’t the last there’s been NBA & NFL players in my dm but they weren’t disrespectful,” mrslatruth has written. 

Meanwhile, the screenshots that showcase DaBaby’s name say he saw mrstruth’s profile more than once. A screenshot of her profile picture and bio is also included in the same conversation. 

mrs latruth (Instagram)

DaBaby responds to accusations by married woman

DaBaby took to his Instagram stories to deny the accusations by mrslatruth saying it was “fake” claiming that the language used in the screenshot isn’t even the way he usually speaks. 

“I don’t even talk like that. Pick up on my lingo a little better next time and maybe it will make some bigger blog sites… Make it sound a little bit more like me,” the rapper clarified. 

However, the latest drama didn’t end with DaBaby’s statement as Briana shared a few more messages on her Instagram story directed at the rapper. 

She has stated DaBaby is “mad” after being “exposed” and further claimed: “So now it’s damage control and his team trying to help him fix it for the public. Aint no graphic designer going out there way to send someone who doesn’t follow me or know me from a can paint to create message for little ole me.”

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