Bryce Hall has responded to butt pictures circulating on the internet of himself as the online personality is in disbelief that they might have been leaked.

TikTok stars live a life in the social media spotlight in front of millions of fans. Whether it’s about them, their relationships or families, many things can’t be that easily hidden.

Bryce Hall doesn’t shy away from controversial posts, comments or videos as he has gone viral in the past for both right and wrong reasons.

But now, he has claimed that personal pictures of him might have been leaked.

TikTok – 5 Senses Trailer

TikTok – 5 Senses Trailer

Bryce Hall reacts to his butt pictures

The TikToker shared that he was confused of coming across particular snaps of himself on the internet.

“Why am I seeing pics of my butt on Twitter,” asked the TikTok star.

Some of his followers were initially baffled by the tweet but others have claimed that the leaked images might have come from Bryce’s private online website Pau Club.

Pau Club is a subscription-based site which offers behind-the-scenes footage of the TikToker, as well as exclusive interviews and giveaways from him.

Why images like these are harmful for TikTok stars

Pictures like these can be damaging for young social media stars like Bryce.

Personal images that are subject to copyright of influencers are invasion of privacy and are deemed harmful.

The reason that content creators create subscription websites is that they can make additional income from their exclusive images and videos.

What has Bryce been up to?

In other Bryce Hall’s news, the TikTok star confirmed that he has left Sway House.

Sway House was formed by other social media stars like Josh Richards, Noah Beck, Blake Gray, among others.

It’s not clear when and whether members will get back together at some point in the future.

Bryce hinted at a possible reunion when he shared an Instagram post that showed him, Blake Gray and Griffin Johnson, with the caption: “Sway might be back.”

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