TV presenter Alejandra Espinoza was in the hospital and concerned fans are curious to know what happened to her. 

The Mexican-American model and TV presenter shared a video from the hospital to give her fans an update on her health, while her husband confirmed that he and his family are going through a difficult time owing to his wife’s condition. 

Alejandra said she’s glad that so many people are praying for her. As fans wish her a speedy recovery, let’s take a look at what exactly happened to her. 

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Why is Alejandra in the hospital?

Alejandra explains in Spanish that she was admitted to the hospital after her “face went sideways”. She was apparently unable to see and was losing visibility in her right eye. 

Alejandra said in the video, as translated by The American Post, “I am admitted here in the hospital as a patient who had a stroke. First, they admitted me like a patient who had paralysis, then they ruled out paralysis. The neurologist thought I could have multiple sclerosis, my head was like they have no idea.”

She further stated, “Suddenly, my face went to the side. I arrived with facial paralysis here at the hospital. The doctors, to this day, they do not find the reason why that happened to me, but thank goodness it’s nothing. I mentioned it wasn’t a spill, it’s not.”

The TV presenter noted that she is “better right now” and the results of her tests were “perfect.”

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TV host’s husband Anibal Marrero provides an update 

Meanwhile, Alejandro’s husband Anibal also confirmed in his latest Instagram post that his wife was hospitalized. 

He has revealed in the post that Alejandra has been in the hospital for a few days now. 

“It has been very difficult for me as the head of the family and for Matteo, but God is great and is in control,” he wrote. 

Alejandra and Anibal share a son together. The model’s husband revealed that her biggest discomfort is the fact that she can’t be with their son, Matteo, at the moment. 

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Fans wish the star a speedy recovery

A significant number of fans have sent their wishes to Alenjadra in the comments under her husband’s post.

One wrote, “God is in control and we trust that everything will be fine, sometimes the Lord puts us to the test, he knows why he does it … Ale is strong and he will come out victorious from this stumbling block … a big hug for you”

Another added, “Anibal … A big hug for Alejandra, may she recover soon and from a distance we send a lot of strength to the whole family … She is a giant and I am sure that later she will come out of this test of life.”

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