Netflix’s new documentary series, Bad Sport, focuses on a different, sport-related scandal each episode, and its premiere coverage focuses on basketball player, Stevin ‘Hedake’ Smith.

Episode 1, titled ‘Hoop Schemes’, tells the story of Stevin’s point-shaving scandal and how it essentially ruined his career and we explore what happened to the basketball player and where he is now.

Bad Sport | Official Trailer | Netflix

Bad Sport | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Stevin ‘Hedake’ Smith?

Texas-born basketball player, Stevin Smith, became one of the best point guards in the nation during 1990.

Stevin joined Arizona State University as a Sun Devil between 1991 and 1994 and finished his time there as an all-time top scorer before word of a scandal bubbled to the surface.

During Stevin’s time at college, he became involved in gambling and consequently lost around $10,000.

In order to make his money back, Stevin became involved in a point-shaving scandal – a system set up by a booker named Benny in which Stevin would get paid a large amount of money for winning within a lesser margin.

Stevin was often paid between $20,000 and $40,000 for point-shaving and he eventually got teammate, Isaac Burton, involved as well.

Once college season was over, Stevin was hoping to get picked up by the NBA, however, suspicion had surrounded Stevin’s playing, and ultimately, none of the NBA teams picked him.

The authorities soon began investigating Stevin and the basketball player later admitted his involvement in the scandal to the FBI in 1997.

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Where is he now?

After admitting his involvement in the point-shaving scandal, Stevin was sentenced to a year in prison, followed by three years’ probation.

Since admitting that he ruined his career, Stevin has recently been working with the non-profit organization, NOW (No Wasted Opportunity) since 2005, to help underprivileged kids.

Stevin is currently living in Dallas, Texas, and is married with three daughters. Stevin also speaks regularly to colleagues about the dangers of gambling. 

What happened to Isaac Burton?

The California-born player used his position in the Arizona State University team to miss a few free throws in exchange for money.

Isaac previously reported that he was just trying to make an “easy buck”, after having a difficult upbringing.

Isaac was also found out by the authorities to be involved in the scandal and served two months in jail, six months of home detention, and three years’ probation.

The player had a professional career with the Sydney Kings until his career ended in 2002 and he is reportedly in retirement now.

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