A team of investigators called Case Breakers has identified Gary F Poste as the infamous Zodiac Killer and the Internet is once again circulating memes related to politician Ted Cruz. But why?

According to Fox News, Case Breakers’ reports claim that Gary was allegedly the serial killer who was unidentified for years. He was reportedly an Air Force veteran who painted homes for over 40 years and was even married with a son. 

However, no sooner, the focus shifted from Gary as Twitter users got busy discussing Ted Cruz and the famous ‘Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer’ joke. If you don’t know what the whole fad is about, let us explain.

Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer meme explained

Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer meme is perhaps one of the most hilarious social media jokes you would come across. 

It first went viral in 2015, but the meme traces its roots back to 2013, when a few social media users referred to the Republican as the Zodiac Killer following Ted’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference where he vowed to repeal Affordable Care Act. 

The citizens who were against the Republican’s move started to address him as the infamous killer who terrorized Americans in the 60s and 70s. 

And once again, the Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer meme started making rounds on the internet in 2014, after the politician’s opposition to net neutrality.

Origin of ‘Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer’ joke explored 

It all started with one Twitter user who went by the name Nathan Lano Manga tweeted “Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac killer?” as a joke while watching the CBS presidential debate in February 2016. 

He even shared an edited image of Google Ticker with the same question to make it look like it was the most searched question on Google. However, Nathan Lano Manga’s account is no longer active on Twitter but his joke continues to swirl around social media. 

It was only a matter of time before the meme spread like wildfire on the Internet. 

Even a Facebook page was created under the name “Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer” and to date, you can find the account actively share memes and jokes about Ted Cruz being called the Zodiac Killer. The page has over 40,000 followers. 

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Twitter reacts to the re-surfaced joke 

After hearing the news that the real Zodiac Killer had been identified, Twitter users decided to have a bit of fun with Ted by circulating the old meme. 

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