Eileen Kelly recently appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast and spilled some beans about her drama with a former “friend”, which involved an arrest and ‘alleged’ threats of leaking private pictures.

Instagram influencer and podcaster Eileen has been climbing the ladder of fame over the past few years. The star, who has close to 400,000 followers on the platform, is followed by the likes of Madison Beer and Kaia Gerber.

Eileen’s podcast Going Mental is also much loved among her fans. Hence, many were thrilled to know that she was on the recently-released Call Her Daddy episode.

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Eileen Kelly’s shocking claims about “friend” explored

Eileen and Call Her Daddy host Alexandra Cooper spoke at length about various topics during their 55-minute chat.

However, the part that caught the most attention was when the influencer began talking about her “former friend” who had threatened to release the Instagram star’s private pictures.

Describing the incident, Eileen said she had met this girl via Instagram and the two struck up a friendship fairly quickly. The ‘friend’ in question was dating an A-list celeb at the time.

Eileen and her friend soon started living together in the Go Mental podcast host’s New York apartment.

However, the friend’s behavior towards Eileen changed after a while and the duo’s dynamic became weird too. The Instagram star then claimed that a few months after their friendship broke off, the said girl contacted her and threatened to release her private pictures.

Eileen alleged that her former friend had gone through her private stuff while living in her apartment. The podcaster also alleged “she threatened me with releasing revenge p*rn.” The situation subsided once the Go Mental host contacted the cops.

Till this point, fans were clueless about who Eileen was referring to, but a clue soon came our way. Eileen further revealed that her said ‘friend’ was arrested from her house once for allegedly stealing a birkin bag from a New Jersey store.

Here’s an interesting memory refresher for fans: Jaden Smith’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Snyder was accused of stealing a $16,000 birkin bag back in 2016. The model was relieved of the charges later.

Interestingly, Sarah also used to be close friends with Eileen as the duo often posted pictures together on their social media.

A look at the latest ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast episode

The Call Her Daddy episode featuring Eileen was a highly anticipated one. The influencer and podcast host Alexandra talked about a range of topics that might be too personal to many users.

The duo talked about cheating in relationships when they were younger. Eileen, who is a sexual health advocate, also opened up about her experiences of having threesomes. The pair also talked about how they practiced sexual hygiene in relationships.

Eileen also opened up about loosing her mom when she was only eight and how it affected her dad.

‘Going Mental’ podcast host’s other ventures

Eileen is well known for her podcast Go Mental, where she has featured the the likes of Madison Beer and more.

However, the influencer is also the founder of Killer and A Sweet Thang, a platform to discuss sexuality and sexual health.

The social media creator previously hosted the podcast Pillow Talk between 2018 and 2019.

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