It’s been a huge year for Justin Bieber, who just celebrated his two-year wedding anniversary with model Hailey.

The Canadian singer released his sixth studio album, Justice, back in March, and the 16-track album has been a real hit.

With features from the likes of Khalid, Chance The Rapper, The Kid Laroi and Benny Blanco, it reached No. 1 on the Billboard Chart.

Now, just six months after the album release, Justin has announced that he’s releasing more music, with three unreleased tracks set to drop this week.

There’s one particular song that’s caught everyone’s attention as it’s named after a very special someone, and you can actually already listen to it.

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Justin Bieber announces new music

Justin Bieber took to Twitter on Wednesday (October 6th) to announce that he is releasing three new songs.

The unreleased tracks are an extension to his latest album Justice and are set to drop this Friday (October 8th).

“3 unreleased songs FRIDAY. RED EYE, ANGELS SPEAK, HAILEY,” the singer wrote on Twitter, and it’s the latter title that’s got fans most excited.

One track is named after his wife

Fans can’t contain their excitement after Justin revealed that one of the songs is called Hailey, obviously named after his wife.

Justin and Hailey are complete couple goals, and fans are hoping that the song will be a love ballad all about their whirlwind relationship.

One person wrote: “A song named Hailey that’s so sweet! I’m most excited for that one.”

“Omg! Song for Hailey! It must be a story abt their relationship. Can’t wait,” said another.

A third person added: “I can’t wait to hear your new songs, especially Hailey (I’m sure you’re referring to your wife), love you two together.”

Justin Bieber: Our World | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Justin Bieber: Our World | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Listen to the song now

What many fans don’t realise is that Justin Bieber’s track Hailey isn’t actually new at all.

It was a bonus track that came with the Justice album, but you had to pay extra to listen to it.

Now, Justin is officially releasing it so it will be available on Apple Music and Spotify from Friday.

If you want to hear the track now, it plays in the background of the video below.

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