Back 4 Blood is finally here and the developers have confirmed its crossplay and cross platform multiplayer status as well as split screen.

Zombie killing fanatics were able to enjoy a beta back in August, but now you can become a cleaner permanently without any limitations. Early access starts on October 7th, but – if you’d rather not pay for one of the more expensive packages – you will need to wait until October 12th.

But, regardless of which version you buy, its crossplay status will remain the same.

Back 4 Blood | Campaign Trailer

Back 4 Blood | Campaign Trailer

Does Back 4 Blood have cross platform multiplayer?

Back 4 Blood does support crossplay and cross platform multiplayer between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Players were able to enjoy cross platform action during the beta. A now deleted WB Games’ FAQ confirmed the feature’s existence along with cross-gen gameplay.

The game’s official Twitter account said the feature is intended for launch as well, so you should be able to play across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X, and PC from day one.

Multiplayer modes

The Back 4 Blood multiplayer includes PvE and PvP action. Similar to Left 4 Dead, you and three other mates will be pitted against hordes of the living dead.

While there are similarities with the fan-favourite Left 4 Dead, what makes Turtle Rock Studios’ shooter different is that it involves cards. These cards assign roles such as healer and leader, and they bring a unique element to an otherwise familiar game.

Fans will be familiar with the PvE section of the title, but there’s a PvP mode named Swarm to look out for. This will see you and your friends fend off the game’s AI zombies as well as player-controlled Ridden.

The gist is that the players controlling the zombies must eliminate all the humans while the Cleaners merely have to survive. Teams switch roles every round and whichever team survives the longest comes out the winner.

Will Back 4 Blood have split screen?

There is no split screen co-op for Back 4 Blood, but it’s possible that the feature could arrive post-launch.

The question was asked during their E3 Q&A, but all that was said is that they’d love to support the feature if it is heavily wanted by the community.

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