No need to rub your eyes and scratch your head, your vision is fine. You’ve definitely seen the character before, just not like this…

It’s always interesting when shows bring back characters of old. It attracts curiosity and raises questions; how will they reintegrate? Why are they back after all of this time?

Created by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, Chicago Fire is the very first series in Dick Wolf’s One Chicago franchise and many audiences have been tuning in since its premiere almost a decade ago on NBC in 2012.

With it having been on the air so long, your memory may be a little foggy.

So, some were admittedly puzzled when a certain character showed up in season 10, which began premiering early this September.

Characters seem to know and recognise him, but do you? You should, so let’s consider who Griffin on Chicago Fire is, as well as who plays him.


Who is Griffin on Chicago Fire?

Griffin Darden featured in the first couple of Chicago Fire seasons and audiences witnessed his unexpected return in season 10 episode 2.

To refresh our memories, he is the son of none other than Andy and Heather Darden (played by Corey Sorenson). You may remember Andy as one of the former head staffers at Firehouse 51.

When Griffin was part of the series he was still a boy and his mother actually went to jail after Andy tragically passed away. She was convicted of a DUI and vehicular manslaughter; she essentially drove drunk resulting in one of her friends being injured.

Once released, she moved the family away from Chicago and out of the series’ narrative. Indeed, this was the last time we saw Griffin, until now of course.

As for the reason behind his return, he is back at the station because he needs help from his dad’s old friends. So, it’s likely that audiences can expect him to stick around for a while.

Chicago Wednesdays Trailer

Chicago Wednesdays Trailer

The legacy of the Dardens

Although Andy wasn’t exactly a main character on the show, his inclusion was very important. The series premiere arguably suggested that he would be one of the main players, as he was firmly under the spotlight.

However, it turns out that the opening was the only time viewers would see him alive. He and the team are called to a fire and he had been in charge. Despite this, he makes a grave miscalculation and shatters a window before ensuring the house is sufficiently vented.

His death was a result of the quick decision and has hung over the Darden family and firehouse staff, with old wounds sure to be opened up with Griffin in season 10.

When his mother was in jail, Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) took over as Griffin and his brother’s guardian, while it’s also worth noting he was there for Heather too.

Who plays Griffin on Chicago Fire in season 10?

In season 10, the character is played by Cameron Scott Roberts.

This may come as a surprise to some fans, as Griffin was portrayed by Griffin Kane in season 1 and John Babbo in season 2.

Now, it’s time for a One Chicago newcomer to take the reins.

Although, some may actually find the actor familiar, as he has appeared on such shows as The Walking Dead (Trooper) and Don’t Look Deeper (Caleb Haas). He was also in the 2020 movie The Last Shift (High Schooler #1) starring Richard Jenkins.

Chicago Fire continues on Wednesdays on NBC.

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