Far Cry 6 is now available and you can quickly unlock the game’s secret ending to get the Hidden in Plain Sight achievement.

Although it’s nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary, many agree that the newest instalment in the series is a solid addition. It has another magnificent baddie for you to topple, it has some of the best companions yet with hungry alligators and cute wiener dogs, and it also has incredible weapons of destruction.

But, if you’d rather not beat the bad guy and just layabout on a beach, then you can get a satisfying conclusion in far less than 20-hours of gameplay.

Far Cry 6 | Giancarlo Will Face You Now Trailer

Far Cry 6 | Giancarlo Will Face You Now Trailer

How to get the Far Cry 6 secret ending

You can get the Far Cry 6 secret ending after you’ve completed Libertad Rises.

Once you’ve completed the Operation, Clara Garcia will present you with a choice to leave on a boat or stick with the Guerrilla to fight. Although the boat looks less than ship shape, it offers you an escape from all the explosions, gunfire, and chaos.

If you’d rather preserve your youth and not deal with all that stress, simply jump aboard the boat and interact with the lever. Do this instead of speaking to Juan and after a minute of sailing you will eventually end up on a nice beach.

Far Cry 6 Hidden in Plain Sight achievement

The Far Cry 6 Hidden in Plan Sight achievement is rewarded for unlocking the game’s secret ending.

When you end up on the beach, you will find your male or female Dina just laying back and taking in the gorgeous weather. While the view is pleasant, unfortunately a radio broadcast will dampen the mood.

This radio broadcast will inform you that the dictator Antón Castillo has destroyed his enemies and killed Clara Garcia. It makes the ending basically very bad, but – then again – Dani gets to sunbathe so does it really matter?

How long to beat

If you don’t opt for the short conclusion, it should take you between 20 and 25-hours to beat the campaign.

Ubisoft has a tradition of inserting short conclusions into the Far Cry series for players to discover, and they are some of the best easter eggs. The one where you wait for Pagan Min and join him is arguably better than the fourth instalment’s true finale, meanwhile not arresting Joseph Seed was also brilliant.

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