BTS has announced their much-anticipated ‘Permission To Dance on Stage’ concert at LA’s SoFi stadium and the ‘hunger games’ to secure tickets have begun. If you are wondering what’s the price of the tickets and how to secure one on Ticketmaster, here’s all you need to know.

For the first two days of the BTS LA Concert tickets sale, only ARMY who received the code for having previous BTS concert tickets could apply. But, even after going through the long process, fans have complained of errors occurring on the Ticketmaster app.

The app, through which ARMY can secure tickets, keeps kicking fans out at the last moment and they have to start from the queue again. Fans have also complained of not getting the option to secure ‘soundcheck’ tickets on the second day, one of the most desirable tickets to witness the grand Bangtan concert from up close.

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BTS LA concert 2021 ticket price explored

BTS, deemed as the 21st-century’s official pop icons, will be conducting their first offline concert after a year and a half, and the craze to secure the tickets is at an all-time high.

Notably, every ARMY across the world, irrespective of their country, would like to get the opportunity to witness the once in a lifetime chance of seeing the ‘Spring Day’ crooners live, but for now, it’s those who can make it to LA who are trying their best to secure a ticket.

The Grammy-nominated South Korean music group will be having four concert dates in LA – November 27th, 28th, and December 1st and 2nd from 7.30 PM onwards.

BTS LA concert 2021 tickets are officially sold from the Ticketmaster app. Various other sites are also reselling the tickets at double, even triple the price on Ticketmaster.

According to fans who have already secured BTS LA 2021 concert tickets, the price of tickets can go from $75 to $450 depending on your choice of seats. See the ticket price breakdown from a fan below.

How to buy BTS concert tickets from Ticketmaster

BTS LA Concert tickets 2021 are available for BTS membership holders with presale invitations on Wednesday, October 6 from 3 PM until 10 PM PT.

For any other information, check the detailed blog of Ticketmaster here.

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BTS ARMY slams Ticketmaster for constant glitch

While the anticipation to witness BTS live is more than ever for fans trying to secure tickets, the app responsible to make it happen has not really helped, say fans.


USA Today Journalist Fatima Farha, a certified BTS ARMY shared, “No actually @Ticketmaster@TMFanSupport you all consistently screw fans over. I’m seeing so many fans not able to log on with their codes that they were GIVEN by you. And withholding soundcheck tickets today?? That’s just entirely messed up. Fix your system.”

While some have lost their good seats thanks to the recurring glitch, a few noted that the glitch helped them get good seats magically.

A BTS ARMY posted, “thank you to the Ticketmaster glitch that allowed me to get all the tickets sitting right next to each other on row 2 even though I had chosen 3 different sections on the opposite side of the stadium. Still wanted level 2 tho!”

Prior to the LA concert, BTS will hold an online concert on October 24th. Check all about the concert here. Stream Coldplay x BTS ‘My Universe’ below.

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