A viral picture about Bethel High School in Washington claimed that students were sent home due to Carhartt clothing. However, the image has been confirmed as a hoax and not true.

A social media post about a school’s alleged dress code quickly gained attention on the internet after one mother claimed that her child was sent home due to inappropriate clothing.

However, a number of online sleuths were quick to find evidence that the allegations against the school were false.

young student using whiteboard at front of class interacting with fellow students.

Rumour claims students were sent home due to Carhartt clothing

The allegations started with a Facebook post from one mother who alleged that her kid was sent home from school due to inappropriate clothing.

The alleged incident happened at Bethel High School in Spanaway, Washington.

In her post, the mother alleged that her child and another student were removed from class and sent to the school office for wearing Carhartt hoodies and bootcut jeans that were allegedly dubbed as “too country”.

But thanks to the internet, social media users found proof that the alleged incident wasn’t because of dress code violation.

Users find out the truth behind incident

After doing some online digging, a number of users found that the alleged incident happened because of a completely different reason.

According to a picture circulated on Facebook and TikTok user @crazymotherrunner, who creates videos about the mom community, the students were allegedly sent home because of trying to set up a Trump rally in the car park.

The picture shows two students wearing Trump flags as capes.

The TikToker provided an update and said that the mother who made the claims has limited the comments on her Facebook post.

School teacher addresses the viral pictures

In the comment section of the TikTok video, a teacher from the school claimed that the pictures were first posted by another student.

The teacher clarified that the student who shared the images on the internet was suspended.

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