Hollington Drive is a new drama on ITV for British viewers to spend their Wednesday evenings with and we explore the filming locations visited below.

The drama narrates the lives of two sisters, Theresa and her older sister, Helen, who are caught up in the disappearance of a neighbor’s son in the area.

Lucan | Encore | ITV

Lucan | Encore | ITV

Hollington Drive Filming Locations

Hollington Drive was primarily filmed in Wales.

Writer, Sophie Petzal, spoke about the process involved in choosing the right location for the show to film in. “I always had a very clear picture in my head of what this street would look like,” Petzal stated, adding that she wanted the location to be bright without feeling too “cartoony or silly.”

Petzal also spoke about distancing the show’s setting from popular parts of Britain, such as Manchester or Bristol, and she wanted the show’s darker tones to contrast the brighter setting filled with idyllic houses.

Executive producer Jonathan Fisher also revealed that location scouting for the show began six months prior to when filming began – during the brunt of the pandemic.

Fisher also stated that the setting in which Hollington Drive takes place in is “a character in itself.” 


Even though Hollington Drive’s location is not specified within the ITV show, its primary filming location was in and around various locations in Wales.

The suburban street featured in the series was located within a housing estate in Cardiff, named The Mill.

It was also reported that Hollington Drive shot a handful of scenes at the nearby Sanatorium Park.

Additionally, Hang Fire Southern Kitchen, located in Barry, was also used during filming and co-owner, Shauna Guinn, revealed that the production team stated that the place was “not quite a chicken shop.” The restaurant has since closed down due to staff shortages.

New episodes of Hollington Drive will release weekly on Wednesdays on ITV.

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