It’s never too late to shake new hands…

Everybody has their favourite shows, but not everybody is fortunate enough to have theirs still on the air.

A wealth of great titles from the past remain sorely missed, but that gives you every reason to broaden your horizons and constantly be on the lookout for the next obsession. Back in September 2018, many audiences found theirs.

Based on the Eric Manheimer book Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital and created by David Schulner, New Amsterdam premiered on NBC and earned instant love from medical drama enthusiasts.

Offering viewers a host of terrific characters straight off the bat, it was easy to get invested, and thanks to them sticking around the sustained interest has been inevitable.

However, as the seasons come, so should new faces. So, fans are undoubtedly excited to welcome a new addition into the fold for season 4, which began premiering in September.

Without further delay, we ask the important question posed by episode 3: who is Veronica Fuentes in New Amsterdam?


Who is Veronica Fuentes in New Amsterdam?

Dr. Veronica Fuentes has been brought in as the new medical director of New Amsterdam.

She is tasked with turning the struggling hospital around by any means necessary and her inclusion into the mix is likely to result in plenty of drama as the season progresses.

The character is played by Michelle Forbes and is intent to “wipe clean the inept board.”

Upon arrival, Max stood in disbelief and asked “really, you hired her?” She replies that it’s “good to see you too,” and then reveals that the pair actually go way back.

Executive producer David Schulner weighed in on the importance of her reentry into Max’s life while chatting to TV Insider: “She and Max have a history together and she’s the opposite of New Amsterdam. No one believes Max as he tries to convince everyone that she’s the absolute wrong person for the job.”

Addressing future plans for the season, he adds: “Then slowly we start revealing why she’s the absolute wrong person for the job, which makes Max leaving New Amsterdam even more difficult, knowing he’s leaving it in the hands of his opposite as opposed to someone like Dr. Wilder.”

On the other hand, David is also keen to acknowledge that Karen ushered her into the hospital only because she really is “the best at what she does,” going as far as to say “there is no one better than her.”

We first heard her when she was on the phone with Karen and she initially sounds hesitant: “New Amsterdam? Well, I’ll have to think about it.”

Well, it looks like she thought about it and was ready for the challenge.

New Amsterdam sure won’t know what hit it, as David also includes that Veronica is “someone [Max] can’t win over… He can’t even administer his way out because they’re so diametrically opposed in their vision for the hospital.”

New Amsterdam | Official Trailer | NBC

New Amsterdam | Official Trailer | NBC

“She’s a provocateur”

While in conversation with TV Insider, Michelle was asked what initially drew her to the role of Veronica:

“Her supreme confidence. She’s a provocateur. She doesn’t care one blink what people think of her. If you hate her, she actually finds that amusing, almost endearing. My last gig was on Big Sky, as a woman beaten down by life’s woes. It’s nice to be free of that.”

It will be interesting to see how she gets on with the others, and the actress has already weighed in on Veronica’s connection to Max: “They have a history, so they know their approaches are completely antithetical: pragmatism versus idealism. She enjoys taking the piss out of him—it’s easy because he’s so earnest.”

Looking ahead, she was asked if audiences can anticipate the Dr. being embraced by the rest of the staff. However, she reveals that “she tells them what they want to hear” but “that doesn’t mean she’s going to fulfill it.”

Michelle Forbes may be familiar

If you recognised the actress then you certainly weren’t alone.

The 56-year-old New Amsterdam star has landed a wealth of exciting roles across her screen career over the years, both in film and TV.

She is arguably best known for being in such shows as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Homicide: Life on the Street, Battlestar Galactica, 24, and True Blood. Meanwhile, movie work includes Columbus, Escape from L.A., Kalifornia, and Swimming with Sharks.

New Amsterdam continues on Tuesdays on NBC.

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