The music in a film and TV show can often make or break the final product the song choice can have a huge impact on the emotion elicited in each scene.

Netflix’s latest film, There’s Someone Inside Your House is a prime example of this as the horror is packed with plenty of licensed songs as well as a chilling score.

But just what songs appear in the soundtrack of There’s Someone Inside Your House?

There’s Someone Inside Your House | Official Trailer | Netflix

There’s Someone Inside Your House | Official Trailer | Netflix

There’s Someone Inside Your House release date and plot

Based on Stephanie Perkins’ best-selling novel of the same name, There’s Someone Inside Your House arrived on Netflix in plenty of time for Halloween on October 6th, 2021.

Set in a small town in Nebraska, the film follows Makani Young who has just moved from the sun-soaked islands of Hawaii to live with her grandmother.

However, as Makani’s high school graduation approaches, her classmates become stalked by a vicious killer intent on exposing their victims’ secrets and terrorises their targets while wearing a life-like mask of their own face.

Makani and her friends must uncover the killer’s identity before it’s too late and they become victims themselves.


There’s Someone Inside Your House soundtrack

The chilling horror makes use of several songs throughout including some country tunes as well as some more contemporary tracks.

Songs that feature in the soundtrack for There’s Someone Inside Your House are:


Meet the composer

As well as featuring a number of licensed tracks, There’s Someone Inside Your House also features a creepy cinematic score.

That score was composed by Zachary Dawes, who has also worked as the bassist for Mini Mansions and The Last Shadow Puppets throughout his career.

Zachary made his first foray into composing back in the 2016 documentary Company Town and has worked on numerous projects since.

Some of Zachary’s best-known work includes his scores for the HBO Max series Generation as well as the films Deep Murder and The Peanut Butter Falcon. Dawes also served as music supervisor during season 3 of HBO’s True Detective.

To coincide with the film’s release, Zachary Dawes’ unnerving score for There’s Somone Inside Your House has been released on the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.

There’s Someone Inside Your House is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on October 6th, 2021.

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