Would it really be spooky season without a good old-fashioned slash ‘em up whodunnit?

There are many beloved slashers of the past that audiences find irresistible every October, and everybody is always on the lookout for the next Scream. Wes Craven’s classic is arguably one of the most influential films of the genre, and there is a long line of efforts that owe it a huge debt.

The latest is There’s Someone Inside Your House directed by Patrick Brice, best known for helming the Creep movies starring Mark Duplass.

Its protagonist even lives on Prescott, a slick nod to Neve Campbell’s iconic character.

Serving as an adaptation of Stephanie Perkins’ 2017 novel of the same name, we follow Makani Young (Sydney Park), a transfer student from Hawaii with a mysterious past that still plagues her.

She and her classmates become entangled in a string of murders orchestrated by a masked killer, keeping everybody on their toes and guessing the slasher’s identity.

So, who is behind the grisly carnage in Osborne? Well, let’s get the There’s Someone Inside Your House ending explained…

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There’s Someone Inside Your House ending explained

There are two burning – excuse the pun – questions that serve as the film’s backbone throughout, keeping audiences hooked.

Firstly, who is Makani really? Secondly, who is the killer?

Both are fortunately resolved by the ending, so let’s dive in. We know the key to unlocking the secrets of Makani’s past involves fire in some way, as well as a girl named Jasmine.

Earlier in the film, she explains that her peers would only need to Google her real name – Makani Sun-Woo – to find out the truth. A search result shows an article headlined ‘Local Teen Arrested” with the description highlighting that she was accused of pushing somebody into a fire.

When the killer comes for her later on they plaster pictures of evidence all over her walls but in a moment of distraction, Makani is able to send the killer running.

There are a number of suspects suggested as the narrative progresses, but the biggest is her former and secret partner, Oliver. In fact, there are so many reasons to suspect him that slasher enthusiasts will be too wise to. It’s very rarely the obvious.

The killer reveals Makani’s past to her friends so she decides to recount the truth to them, detailing that she was being viciously hazed by a bunch of seniors one night. We see the events play out in flashback as she calls out for Jasmine’s help. When she refuses to give it, she accidentally pushes her into a fire.

It’s revealed that she survived, although suffered significant injuries.

Oliver is brought into custody after Makani is attacked but later released, showing up at the school to explain himself to her. Upon his arrival, she escapes in fear into the school and is greeted by Caleb, who is swiftly stabbed by the masked killer.

This offers confirmation that Oliver isn’t the killer, but the mystery remains.

Who is the killer?

Fast forward and the killer targets the town’s corn-themed festivities held at Zach’s father’s fields. We watch the murderer pour gasoline all over the place and set the corn alight before Zach calls the gang and tells them he’s worried for his dad who is believed to be in the middle of the raging fire.

Taking action, they head down to the cornfields and witness as the killer slays Zach’s dad with a sword. However, the big reveal comes when he takes off the mask and the friends stare in bewilderment at one of their own: Zach.

Beginning to explain his motivation, Zach spouts that he feels nobody ever liked or respected him just because his father was so powerful. He also expresses a distaste for those who conceal their secrets from the world, as it’s implied that his dirty little secret of having a father the town hates couldn’t be kept hidden.

Arguing his hatred for those who don’t show their true face, it now makes sense why he wears a mask made to replicate the faces of his victims, all while exposing their secrets.

A fight for survival ensues and Makani is able to kill Zach, dismissing his excuses and calling out his actions for being unwaveringly unjustifiable. Skip to graduation and we have a happy ending with the characters eyeing bright futures, with Makani having finally called Jasmine to discuss what happened.

Hypnotic | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hypnotic | Official Trailer | Netflix

Was the answer there all along?

Now we have the There’s Someone Inside Your House ending explained, it’s time to look back.

The first act introduces us to the dangers of this story by plunging us straight into the masked villain’s original murder.

Before the victim hits the pillow for a nap before the big game later on, he sets an alarm on his phone. However, he wakes to find it replaced with the egg timer he saw earlier.

This may just seem like an eerie detail thrown in to show the killer is messing with him, making his presence known to toy with him. However, it arguably serves as the very first clue to help viewers identify the killer, or at least narrow it down.

In hindsight, we now know that Zach was the killer and his family is known for Sandford Farms.

Egg… farm… now that’s a connection.

Looking at the killer’s build throughout the film, it doesn’t match Zach’s dad, so you could say the truth was there all along.

There’s Someone Inside Your House is now on Netflix.

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