It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

No, don’t check your phones for the calendar, you haven’t magically time-traveled into December.

While the saying often refers to the Christmas period, horror fans would beg to differ. October is the month of Halloween and there are 31 days to celebrate, not just one. Genre enthusiasts will annually compile an intense list of horror movies to binge throughout spooky season and there are some efforts in 2021 that you simply can’t afford to miss.

The latest comes from director Patrick Brice, who Netflix audiences will already be familiar with thanks to his work at the helm of the Creep movies with Mark Duplass.

There’s Someone Inside Your House is an adaptation of Stephanie Perkins’ 2017 novel of the same name and centers on Makani Young (Sydney Park), a student with a troubled past who is caught in the midst of a string of murders.

As the masked killer continues to terrorise the teens of Osborne, we and the characters are compelled to contemplate the identity of the murderer as the clock ticks. There’s one obvious choice, but did Ollie do it in There’s Someone Inside Your House?


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There’s Someone Inside Your House: Did Ollie do it?

No, Oliver “Ollie” Larsson isn’t responsible for the slaughter. The character is established as the prime suspect amongst the circle of friends as the film progresses.

There are a number of reasons to believe he’s the killer or has motive; he is an outcast shunned by the school and Rodrigo even verbally abuses him shortly before he’s slain.

A number of clues are also included to help throw audiences off the truth. For example, he has family who works in the police department, which the characters note would give him access to the information needed to discover the secrets that were leaked.

Additionally, a taser at the station goes missing and Makani later finds it in his car.

She is eventually targeted by the masked killer but is able to survive, with Ollie being brought in under suspicion of carrying out the attack. At this point, Makani feels entirely convinced, so when Ollie is released and shows up at the school to speak with her she runs away.

However, she then sees the killer stab Caleb and it’s confirmed that Ollie isn’t responsible. So, who is?

A killer amongst them

While the friends spent their time believing the murderer was outside of their circle, he has hidden within it all along.

After receiving a call from Zach explaining his dad is trapped in a fire at a grand town event, they head over there to the rescue. However, they’re too late and arrive in time to see the masked assailant kill Zach’s father with a sword.

Taking off the mask, it’s revealed to be Zach. He begins to blame the town for turning on him just because his father bought up all of the land. Yet, his motivation runs deeper as he announces his anger towards anybody harboring secrets.

This is why he leaked information and wore masks akin to the victims’ faces; he wanted to show them and the world who they really were.

He set the fire so he could frame Makani, as she has a criminal history that would make it plausible to the authorities. Fortunately, she is able to take him down before the killing continues.

Hypnotic | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hypnotic | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who plays Ollie?

The character is portrayed by Canadian actor Théodore Pellerin.

Son of dancer and choreographer Marie Chouinard, the 24-year-old is arguably best known for his role in the 2018 film Family First (Vincent), for which he earned a number of awards.

Other movie roles include It’s Only the End of the World (Antoine), Never Rarely Sometimes Always (Jasper), and Boy Erased (Xavier). He also played Liam in a handful of The OA episodes.

There’s Someone Inside Your House is now on Netflix.

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