The three-day Conservative Party Conference held in Manchester will conclude today (Wednesday 6th October).

Interestingly, however, it’s not the policies or politics that has stolen the headlines but yet another bizarre quip from Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The PM made a keynote speech which was rich in puns, and relatively light on policy. From Greek mythology to Michael Gove’s nightclub visit, the Prime Minister’s speech ranged from personal to puzzling.

In particular, Johnson coined the phrase “Build Back Beaver” leaving spectators bemused.

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What is the meaning of ‘Build Back Beaver’?

Johnson used the phrases “Build Back Beaver” and “Build Back Burger” at the Conservative Party Conference as they are based around the Conservatives’ “Build Back Better” slogan.

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In regard to the beaver reference, the Prime Minister was referring to his ambition of trying to ‘rewild’ parts of the country as he welcomed otters and beavers returning to rivers in Devon. While the burger reference had a slightly different meaning relating to the renewal of UK beef imports to the United States.

What did the PM say at the Conservative Party Conference?

The Prime Minister’s speech featured many themes including personal anecdotes, aggressive attacks on the Labour party and Greek mythology.

Johnson made an early insult at the former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn branding him “the corduroyed communist cosmonaut.” He then went on to take a swipe at the current leader of the opposition describing him as “a seriously rattled bus conductor” as well as “the skipper of a cruise liner that has been captured by Somali pirates.”

Boris Johnson uses references to Greek mythology in a number of his speeches and this time was no different. When he was taken ill by COVID-19 he said NHS nurses “pulled my chestnuts out of the Tartarean pit” alluding to the underworld abyss of Tartarus.

Johnson continued his speech with a reference to Margaret Thatcher arguing that she too would have raised taxes after the Coronavirus pandemic and not “ignored this meteorite that has just crashed through the public finances.”

He also touched on the opening of the hospitality industry saying that he “sent top government representatives to our sweatiest boîtes de nuit to show that anyone could dance perfectly safely” where he was referring to Michael Gove’s visit to an Aberdeen nightclub.

Twitter reacts to Johnson’s ‘Build Back Beaver’ speech

Twitter erupted after hearing Boris Johnson’s keynote speech at the Conservative Party Conference. Check out some of the best tweets below!

While another user tweeted: “‘Build back beaver” build me a f—–g rocket to take me as far away from this deeply weird country as possible.”

One user was in utter disbelief that Johnson used the phrase and was questioning whether the Prime Minister was sober when speaking at the Conservative Party Conference: “Did he really just say ‘Build Back Beaver’ ? He’s pissed, isn’t he?”

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