Far Cry 6 is about to launch and its co-op multiplayer is exciting despite the disappointing status of crossplay and cross platform action.

Fans have been anticipating the game’s arrival ever since its debut trailer starring Giancarlo Esposito. Players will no doubt recognise this year’s acting rogue from Breaking Bad and the Mandalorian, but this time he’s playing the role of a sinister dictator.

While the villains are always the best part, there also another wonderful playground to explore and cause mayhem in alongside a mate.

Far Cry 6 | Post-Launch Overview Trailer

Far Cry 6 | Post-Launch Overview Trailer

Is Far Cry 6 multiplayer?

There is multiplayer co-op in Far Cry 6.

You will only be able to team up with one friend, but you will be able to drop in and out at any time. This means you’ll be able to complete campaign missions as well as side quests with your buddy.

Unfortunately, the co-op is only online and not local. Aside from teaming up with a pal, there’s no other online action in the game.

Does Far Cry 6 have cross platform multiplayer?

Crossplay and cross platform multiplayer is not confirmed for Far Cry 6.

However, it’s unlikely to be included as Ubisoft hasn’t announced its inclusion and it’s not listed in any of the tags on the Microsoft store unlike games that do support crossplay.

Ubisoft also hasn’t confirmed if PS4 users can play with PS5, Xbox One with Series X. However, this should be doable, and a free next-gen upgrade is at least official.

Battle Royale

While there is no competitive multiplayer in the game, there is an easter egg which possibly teases a battle royale spin-off.

According to Charlie Intel, those lucky enough to own the game early have discovered a QR code at the  Costal Del Mar yard. If you scan the QR code, it results in a very short video playing.

It’s not confirmed as a battle royale teaser, but it’s the conclusion internet sleuths have reached.