Verzuz has announced the much-awaited epic battle between Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One on October 17th and here’s all you need to know about the price and how to buy tickets for the TrillerVerz weekend.

In its latest series of gripping Verzuz showdowns, fans will witness Rolling Stone charter Big Daddy Kane versus Bet Hip Hop Award winner KRS-One.

The Verzuz battle between the two legends of Hip Hop will be a part of TrillerVerz weekend starting on October 16th. The Verzuz showdown will be taking place on October 17th.

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Big Daddy Kane vs KRS-One Verzuz battle, date and time explained

The Verzuz battle between Big Daddy Kane vs KRS-One is all set to fire up on October 17th at 4 p.m. PST / 7 p.m. EST/ 6 PM CT.

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How to buy Big Daddy Kane vs KRS-One Verzuz tickets, price explored

Tickets for the legendary battle between Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One can be bought from the official website of Trillerfightclub.

To book a seat at Barclays Center, fans can buy tickets from where tickets can range from $27 up to $82. Check all the available seats here.

Fans can avail the TrillerVerz tickets via monthly or yearly subscriptions. A monthly subscription to TrillerVerzpass costs $2.99 and yearly passes will cost $29.99. Check all about the ticket prices here.

Where to watch Verzuz battle between Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One

Fans can catch the Verzuz showdown live exclusively on Triller and FITE TV on October 17th, 7 PM EST/ 4 PM PST.

Prior to the Verzuz show, Jamaican DJ Super Cat will open the TrillerVerz” weekend on October 16th at 5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST.

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Fans debate who will win between Big Daddy Kane vs KRS One

Fans have started sharing their takes on Twitter about who will win in Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One Verzuz battle. A user opined, ‘don’t much care who wins a big daddy kane vs. krs-one versuz but hopefully both of them reach a new audience that way—they were both absolute monsters of hip-hop!’

Another user shared, “KRS-One vs Big Daddy Kane verzuz battle? Tough one. Kane had the quicker smooth flow but KRS had the better overall MC flow. In a 20 song battle, KRS wins.”

Let us know whom you are rooting for @HITCculture. Check out Verzuz showdown on October 17th at 7 PM ET.