Earlier this week, the question ‘Do Ants Smoke Cigarettes?’ went viral after search results on Google returned a pretty interesting answer.

The meme involves a hilarious response from Google to the question of whether ants smoke cigarettes.

HITC explain the viral meme below.

Viral meme explained

The meme shows someone having searched the question: ‘Do Ants Smoke Cigarettes?’ into Google’s search engine.

It returned the bizarre result: “YES! Please give as many cigarettes to ants as possible! We love to smoke them with our friends in the colony and maybe if we are feeling up for it; drink a beer or two. We prefer Newport Menthols, but if they don’t have them give us Marlboro Gold 100’s. Thank you.”

Interestingly the response included the pronoun “we” making it sound as if it were written by the insect itself. It went on to say that ants are partial to “a beer or two” and then specified which brands of cigarettes they prefer.

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Is the meme real?

HITC did some digging and found that when the question ‘Do Ants Smoke Cigarettes?’ is searched on Google, it returns the following search result which differs from the meme.

In response to the same question, Google says: “Ants do not like cigarette or cigar smoke. A very good commercial bait is Terro Bait, which is made from boric acid and is sold in some stores. Many common household ants will love it.”

Screenshot: Google Search Result for ‘Do ants smoke cigarettes?’

Twitter reacts to viral meme

One user wrote: “I’m an ant pls ginme cigarettes.”

While another Twitter user wanted to show solidarity with the ants saying: “Smoking a cigarette (for the ants).”

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