For quite some time, there have been rumors about Jackboy and Asian Doll dating. While the couple hasn’t confirmed their relationship, they were reportedly spotted together for the first time. 

A video of Jackboy and Asian Doll from a fair in Texas has gone viral on social media after fans pointed out how the latter was holding her rumored boyfriend by his hand while he is seen walking with his head hanging.

Asian Doll and Jackboy spotted together

According to No Jumper, Asian Doll and Jackboy were spotted together at the Texas State Fair. 

While the faces of both the rappers aren’t visible, the three-second long video sees Asian Doll walking ahead of Jackboy while holding his hand. 

She is carrying a blue handbag while dressed in white hot pants and cropped top, and Jackboy is casually dressed in white track pants and a green t-shirt. 

Going by the video, it looks like the two rappers were filmed without their knowledge as they strolled about at the fair. Neither of them has shared a post on their social media handles about spending time with each other. 

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Fans troll the viral video 

While the duo being spotted together sure is a rare sight, fans aren’t able to stop talking about the manner in which Asian Doll and Jackboy are walking together. 

Reacting to the video, one Twitter user wrote, “He look like he just finished crying n she taking him to the icecream truck to cheer him up”

Another added, “mans look like he don’t wanna be there”

Another with a similar opinion also tweeted, “He look like he don’t wanna be there”

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What we know for the rappers’ relationship

Neither Jackboy nor Asian Doll hasn’t explicitly spoken about dating, but their flirtatious messages and comments directed at each other on social media have everybody convinced that something is cooking between the two.

A couple of weeks ago, Asian Doll tweeted, “When y’all see me with my boyfriend in a couple of days mind your business”. However, she did not take the rapper’s name.

Meanwhile, during an interview radio station Wild 94.1, Jackboy revealed that he was “rockin” with Asian Doll, which further fueled the rumors about them dating.

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