It’s Addison Rae’s birthday today!

The TikTok star, who has over 84 million followers on the platform, is one of the most popular faces on the internet today. It’s difficult to keep track of Addison’s accomplishments now as she’s going places and doing big things every other week.

Her most recent collab with Versace and Pandora has catapulted Addison to mainstream stardom and we couldn’t happier for the youngling.

Those who follow Addison on Twitter know that her account there is constantly popping. She is an avid Twitter user and uses her platform to keep her fans up to date about everything that’s going on with her.

However, more often than not, the birthday girl also shares positive messages with her fans through her social handles.

Addison spreading the message of kindness

This belief is not very uncommon. In fact, we could claim that this is something most people already know because of how simple it is. However, despite knowing it, many struggle to apply this in their lives.

But, despite the hate and criticism that Addison faces on a day to day basis, the TikToker seems to be living by this mantra. She is often seen laughing off the hate comments and being extremely kind and positive to everyone.

Complimenting others never hurts

Complimenting others isn’t just uplifting for the recipient of the good words, it also uplifts the giver.

Giving honest and genuine acknowledgement and compliments is a keystone for building any healthy relationship or friendship, and Addison seems to understand that better than most.

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Happiness and Peace for all

Most of us have experienced what feeling unworthy of happiness and being restless feels like. Given the magnitude of attention and even hate internet stars and celebrities receive, it can be very easy for them to feel unworthy of happiness and peace.

There are countless examples of young celebs spiralling down a train of self-loathing and self-destructive behaviour because of these feelings. However, very few like Addison realize this at a younger age and in turn are able to navigate it. We must say, the TikToker is doing it fairly well.

Knowing the right kind of people

When you are this famous, more often than not, you are surrounded by a team of ‘yes men.’ Knowing whose company is truly good for your mental health is an extremely crucial thing.

The 21-year-old keeps her circle small and close. Despite her budding high-profile friendships, we can see Addison’s family and a few close friends form her inner circle.

How to treat others!

We love how Addison presents this one. While it is obvious that we must treat people how we want to be treated, it might not always be clear in pressing situations.

The time she got fired from hosting duties

Bear with us because although this does not seem like a wise tweet at first, we can prove why it is.

Addison landed in trouble back in July 2021, for ‘joking’ about getting to host a UFC event without having passed her broadcast journalism college degree.

Many fired back at her for her tweet announcing the gig where she wrote, “I studied broadcast journalism in college for 3 whole months to prepare for this moment.”

Despite the hate and getting fired from a gig that could have proven very useful for her career, instead of expressing herself bitterly, Addison turned it into a joke on herself. Something very few can do!

Some more love and kindness

Addison never shies away from showing love to others for no reason and the TikToker receives the same love from her fans. Her loving and kind nature is one of the reasons she is constantly reaching new heights.

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