NHL 22 is scheduled to launch mid-October but its EA Play release date will allow fans to enjoy a 10-hour early access trial before then.

The forthcoming instalment will pack all the thuggery and slobberknocker action that ice hockey is famous for. However, its publisher has announced some new features for fans to anticipate including X-factor abilities for its roster of superstars.

These abilities will make each superstar feel like their real-life counterpart, and they will be available in every single game mode.

NHL 22 | Official Gameplay Trailer

NHL 22 | Official Gameplay Trailer

What time does NHL 22 come out on EA Play?

The release date for when the NHL 22 EA Play 10-hour trial will come out is October 7th.

This is confirmed on the subscription service’s website. It will allow fans to enjoy a 10-hour trial which will enable the community to make an educated decision about whether the game is worth buying or not.

Unfortunately, EA has not shared a release time for when it will launch. But, if it’s like Madden and FIFA earlier this year, it could be added to the service at around 16:00 BST.

How to play the free trial

You will only get the free trial if you are subscribed to EA Play on either PlayStation, Xbox, or PC.

A subscription costs £3.99 per month or £19.99 a year. However, on PC, you can get a Pro membership for £14.99 per month or £89.99 every 12-months.

Provided you boast a subscription, you will be able to enjoy the time-limited demo as soon as it releases. Another bonus is that a subscription will also give you 10% off your pre-order if you decide to buy the game.

NHL 22 early access release date

The early access release date for NHL 22 is October 12th.

It launches for everyone three days later on October 15th, and you will only get the early access bonus if you pre-order the X-Factor edition. Below are the prices and pre-order rewards:

Standard Edition (£59.99 PS4/£69.99 PS5):

  • Up to 2 HUT Choice Packs
  • 5 WoC X-Factor Ability Unlocks
  • Be A Pro X-Factor Slot Unlocks
  • 1 Unlocked Hockey Bag

X-Factor Edition (£89.99):

  • NHL 22 X-Factor Edition PS4 & PS5/Xbox One & Series X
  • 3-Days Early Access
  • Up to 10 HUT Choice Packs
  • HUT X-Factor Choice Pack
  • HUT Power-Up Starter Pack
  • Up to 4 HUT Power-Up Packs
  • 5 WoC X-Factor Ability Unlocks
  • Be A Pro X-Factor Slot Unlocks

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