YouTuber Jojo ASMR has come forward with a response video after a resurfaced clip, seeing the online personality say the ‘n-word’, has made the rounds on social media.

Jojo ASMR shared that he was a 16-year-old teenager, at the time, ‘quoting and referencing another person’s use of the n-word’.

Jojo ASMR n-word clip resurfaces

An ASMR YouTuber, who boasts 1.93M subscribers, recently came forward to acknowledge a resurfaced ‘n-word’ clip.

Jojo told subscribers that the 4-second clip was filmed 5 years ago when he was 16-years-old. He further shared: “Never once in that 4-second clip do I use that word to discriminate, attack or belittle another person’s race or ethnicity.

“I’m simply quoting them and referencing them. This person I’m quoting in that 4-second clip that’s been surfacing around isn’t just some random person down the road. It’s not a small creator – it was Pewdiepie…

“…Could I have made the same point without using that word? Yeah, probably. If I could go back 5 years in time, I’d slap 16-year-old Jojo over the head.”

YouTuber responds to dug up clip

On October 4th, Jojo ASMR uploaded a video titled ‘My Response’.

The YouTuber starts: “I’m sick and tired of cancel culture. I don’t think there’s anything more desperate another person can do than actively go out of their way to try and dig up dirt on another person’s activity on social media from 5 to 6 years ago.”

He later goes on to say: “I hope everyone rational and sane would realise I’m not racist for referencing Pewdiepie…

“…I do want to say sorry to my audience out there who might’ve taken offense to that clip.”

Jojo captioned the response video with “All proceedings from any advertisements on this video will be donated to charity. Please watch the full video first before forming an opinion. Thanks.”

Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Response video earns mixed reactions

The YouTuber’s 1.93M subscribers have had some mixed reactions to the response video.

One subscriber commented: “Anyone within the fan base knows who Jojo really is and that’s what matters.”

Another wrote: “Handled this maturely. You’re good my man. No reason to be bashed over this.”

Somebody else took to Twitter: “the jojo asmr guy that donated $15k to try get on the dsmp is being ‘cancelled’ for saying the n word.”

Another commented: “You’ve grown, I can’t speak for other people, especially entire other races; but I don’t think you’re a monster. You’ve learned clearly.”

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