Joey King is arguably one of the few famous people with a really distinct and interesting personality. She has not only showcased her acting chops in shows like The Act, but her personality makes us love her even more.

While Joey isn’t as active on TikTok, she is not an avid Instagram poster either. But, we do get to see a fair share of posts about her life and persona via her social media.

We would like to argue that Joey is one of the few most “real” celebs from this generation and her Instagram is a true testament to that. Hence, we take a look at a rather untouched facet of Joey’s personality with “7 times Joey King won our hearts for being the most adorable dog mom.”

If you don’t pick up their poops, you ain’t a real dog mama

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We absolutely love this post by The Kissing Booth star. The homely setting shows how comfortable the actress and her pets are around each other.

Looks like this picture was snapped in the middle of a chill sesh, where the actress was kicking back after hectic workdays with a glass of wine, and it looks like no chill sesh for Joey is complete without her pets. A mama never forgets her babies after all!

The time she realized ‘Dog’ spelled backwards is ‘God’

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Of course, we all love our pets, but did you ever realize that ‘Dog’ spelt backwards is ‘God”? This picture shows Joey realized that merely loving her pets wasn’t enough, they deserved more respect now!

Also, we love that Joey is in her chaotic and goofy element in this picture.

Celebrating her pooch’s birthday with a heartfelt Insta post

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The 22-year-old actress’ fans might already know that Angel King is one of Joey’s most favourite pets. She often features the adorable pooch on her Instagram. Angel is a 15-year-old tiny Yorkie who Joey has had since her childhood days.

Being goofy and quirky with her little pooch

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We would love to watch a whole Netflix series featuring Joey and her adorable doggos doing weird and quirky things. But, this video is all we have for now.

Joey and little Angel are trying to suck in a noodle and of course, like the selfless dog mama she is, she gives up the noodle and lets her doggo win.

Also, just like new mums take their baby in their arms and prepare their morning coffee, Joey holds her pooch in her hand showering it with hugs before starting her day.

Bidding farewell to her family dog

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The caption made us cry!

Losing a pet is not an easy loss to overcome, especially if they have been a part of your family since your childhood days. The actress bid farewell to Dallas, her family dog, in a heartfelt 2018 post.

“You were the sweetest most amazing girl in the world and you taught our whole family what true joy and happiness is. The world is unfair and it took you too soon,” the loving dog mama wrote.

Clingy dogs are adorable until they aren’t

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This post is a personal favourite for us and we would like to argue that clingy doggos might be more adorable than the non-clingy ones, or maybe that’s just us!

Also, some of Joey’s best and most fun posts on Instagram feature dogs. Interesting!

Just some good-ol selfies with her little pooch

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If you thought taking selfies with your newborn was cool, you clearly haven’t tried snapping one with an adorable, tiny poochie. But, like the loving dog mom she is, Joey doesn’t let go of any opportunity to show off her little Angel.

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